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July 23, 2016
This is as Coen brothers as it gets.
July 21, 2016
A rather poor entry from the Coen's here. It looks great, and has good performances, but other than that the movie feels like a flat, boring, one note song that I'd rather not listen to again.
July 12, 2016
a funny, adventurous, classic
June 6, 2016
My only disappointment was that they never find the brother.
Super Reviewer
May 29, 2016
Three convicts escape from their chains and head off to find 1.2 million in cash waiting for them. Along the way hilarious situations arise. A thoroughly entertaining and funny adventure by the Coen brothers.
May 29, 2016
When you watch it with the Odyssey by Homer in mind, which it is based on, it's quite interesting.
May 24, 2016
83% O Brother Where Art Thou is plenty of fun comprised of a good soundtrack, and delightful and quirky comedy. While fitting in perfectly to the Great Depression setting.
½ May 18, 2016
que filme maravilhouso
May 6, 2016
O' Brother Whereart thou

This film is Set Mississippi in the 1930's.

John Goodman
George Clooney
Actress who play Ms. Incredible as George Clooney's husband.

This Film begins in black and white with prisoners working then turns to brown and white. Then we cut to three prisoners who escaped.

It has one got a train.

George Nelson shoots cows in robbery escape with money blowing out of car.

Bank robbery

Now people from radio recording station want the prisoners and African American for a contract for Soggy Bottom Boys the band after hearing the recording made a big hit on radio. the band they made for $10.00 each for recording one song.

George Clooney constantly uses Dapper Dan use for hair.

I am not a big fan of the overexposed orange and yellow look to this film.

This is a redneck movie in my opinion.

Do not seek the treasure. It is a trap.

George Clooney says that There is no treasure. There never was. It was about getting to George Clooney trying to get back to his wife to avoid her getting married. George Clooney only needed the other two to help him get out of the jail. George Clooney's Wife kept saying he was run over by a train.

Klu klux klan has black singer who sold himself to the devil.

I am not a big fan of the music. Not my kind of music.

Soggy Bottom Boys the band sounds stupid. Sounds like a terrible gross name for a band. Sounds like someone messed up there pants in the bathroom or in the swamp.

Flood saved them from the devils hanging.

The film ends in black and white.

I was not into this film mainly because it was not my kind of film.

Two of the prisoners are superstitious and one is big believer in God. George Clooney's character is the only looking for a more logical answer based upon science rather than looking to supernatural, superstitious, Devil, or God for the reason for how or why things occur.

This film I guess shares similar characteristics to that of Homer and the Odyssey but told in a southern fashion but I did not enjoy that.
April 23, 2016
This movie was so fun, the script is brilliant, like in every coen brothers film.
½ April 21, 2016
Coen Brother's odissey falls into dullness soon after the first scenes and the result is a preposterous, unfunny film.
½ April 12, 2016
Relatively funny, the music is probably the best part of this film.
½ April 5, 2016
O Brother, Where Art Thou is a dusty, nimble adventure that has it's own awesome sense of goofiness and fun. It looks and feels spectacular. It's bathed in browns and greys so it looks old and faded, but it isn't tired or dreary. It's exploding with quirkiness and energy. The prisoners run across stunning rural landscapes and quaint little farms dressed in pristine period jail uniforms and tattered rags. The prisoners are richly drawn and their idiosyncrasies are really amusing. Their dim-witted dialogue, exasperated expressions and adventures are hilarious. Some of the funniest moments were them escaping from the barn in flames, the opening where they clumsily run away from the work camp and the ending where the flood saves them from being hanged.

Even though it encompasses themes like the Depression, racism, crime and even includes a KKK gathering, the film sustains a gleefully ironic and pleasant mood throughout, similar to something like Forest Gump. It's so fun that I didn't even notice the absence of any real cohesive story. It dances delightfully through one outrageous event after another and builds slowly to become an enthralling and absurd journey. And I loved all the clever period details, like the Slick Dan's hair gel, the cars, the bloodhounds, the populist politics. A lot of creativity and fun was put into the film. It was odd, but I really enjoyed it.
April 5, 2016
Ne avevo sentito parlare molto e dato che a me i Coen piacciono mi aspettavo un gran film. Probabilmente sarÓ il fatto che Ŕ ispirato (molto liberamente) all'Odissea che avrÓ scatenato in molti critici l'entusiasmo per questa commedia.
April 3, 2016
Heard again that it was really funny and being Coen brothers, I'd love to see it.
March 20, 2016
O Brother Where Art Thou tells the story of Everett, Pete and Delmar three members of a Mississippi prison chain gang who embark on a quest to gain their freedom and pursue money and glory. Taking place during the 1930s and the depression era the plot situated on the trios search for a lost treasure, which later turns out to be an idea and not just gold. Along the way there is conflict between the characters as their own interests come in between the central goal that they have. Meanwhile Sheriff Cooley is on the trail to pursue our heroes and they most use the eccentric and downright detestable at times characters that they meet along the way to move on in their quest. The allusion throughout the film borrows from Homer's The Odyssey as the main character Everett's middle name is Ulysses which is Odysseus in Greek. The whole film fits in the archetype of the quest of the quest as they as characters like Everett are looking to restore their marriage, and Delmar and Pete are looking for recognition security and their freedom. The treasure symbolically is being accepted and gaining their freedom. We see more allusions to the Odyssey with one-eyed Big Dan as the Cyclops, the three girls by the river as the Sirens, Sheriff Cole as the villain, Everett's wife marrying someone else when he comes home and the Baptism at the water just to name a few. One of the more intriguing elements was the blind man on the hand-pumped railway that tells the companions that they would not find the treasure they seeked, which mirrors the prophet that Odysseus consults in the underworld. I found the largest foreshadow in the song that played at the beginning of the film and then throughout called "The Man of Constant Sorrow", which was directly foretelling of the character Odysseus whose name means "man who is constant pain and sorrow." It was very interesting to see film and famous literature intersect at such a complex level and all of this is easy to miss if you do not pay attention or have not read Homer. The Resolution of the film was fulfilling as the three heroes are pardoned and then survive a flood when the dam breaks. Everyone is left off in better suits and it mirrors the conclusion of the Odyssey. This was an entertaining film that was witty, funny and enthralling and one I would watch again just for the soundtrack alone. The archetype of the quest is clearly present as they are searching to restore and bring back the old within their lives and to renew what was lost from before and it may also fit into the archetype of the journey as well.
½ March 18, 2016
Funny road trip film with a great soundtrack. Very unique film for Clooney.
March 17, 2016
It's a bit uneven, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more interesting adaptation of a classic. Its reputation as a fan favorite is earned.
½ March 12, 2016
O Brother, Where Art Thou wastes it's fun cast, great cinematography and setting, and brilliant folk music on a pointless and sloppy script.
February 28, 2016
Following three escaped convicts and their journey for treasure takes them on an interesting path to kidnapping, the KKK, and becoming famous singers. It has it's fun moments but not very captivating.
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