Oasis Reviews

September 9, 2004
A loving and lovely film.
August 27, 2004
A brave film in the way it shows two people who find any relationship almost impossible, and yet find a way to make theirs work.
August 6, 2004
The actors' scenes together are simultaneously abrasive and oddly gentle: two untamable people trying to stabilize each other.
July 9, 2004
Perhaps the most harrowing screen romance ever.
June 25, 2004
Lee's humanitarian plea for tolerance is one of the most original films of the decade, and Moon provides the soul.
June 17, 2004
A love story of two young people marginalized by family and society that becomes a scorching indictment of the indifference, cruelty and hypocrisy of those institutions as the couple inevitably come into profound conflict with them.
June 17, 2004
This is a film that gives humanism back its good name.
May 20, 2004
Take my word for it: Oasis is one of the most deeply felt love stories of the screen in ways that you must endure a little suffering of your own to appreciate.
May 13, 2004
The lead performers have collected prizes at international festivals, and deservedly so. They play their roles with such courage and compassion that one sees the souls of the characters rather than their afflictions.
May 7, 2004
You'll have to look long and hard to find a performance as emotionally raw as that of Moon So-ri.
May 6, 2004
This remarkable if overlong Korean film strips away much of the sentimentality and goody-two-shoes attitudes that the movies traditionally display toward disabled people.
May 6, 2004
Strange and beautiful film about an ex-con and a disabled girl whose odd bond brings them briefly out of the dark.
May 4, 2004
No movie in recent memory has translated so clearly the secret language of lovers normally lost on the rest of the world.