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March 6, 2017
Just like a really long, really boring soap opera. Not the best acting, either.
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July 7, 2013
I found this movie interesting on several levels.
1. I love movies that revolve around medicine and the medical field.
2. I'm fasinated by different religions and cultures and this movie taught me a little bit about the Sikh religion and some of the abuses they endure.
½ February 20, 2013
Good film by an up-and-coming Director.
½ June 4, 2012
FIRST, ON PROFESSIONAL CRITICS: I never cease to be astonished at these so-called professional reviewers. I find myself sharing the auteur's and artist's creative disdain for the mass of those who make their living as critics and reviewers. Those of this ilk, who produce nothing and view true works of art with an easy disdain, who treat the works they cannot themselves create with a callow and dismissive superiority which they have not earned, who affect genuine understanding of genius, but who are in truth mere crass and scurrying things whose existence and livelihood demand -- to themselves -- that they prove their regular public opining as justifiable, because they know the craft they are appointed by some managing editor and themselves to judge.

By putting almost all creative work down and finding fault, however small, in all works, they imagine this fault-finding proves that their judgement is sound. It does not. And it is not.

By being jaded, these nothings offer nothing. I wish for accurate appreciation, but most of these critics would not recognize a great work if it smacked them across their smug red cheeks. There are a few who consistently seem to know what is good, but these are swallowed by a mob of loud bloviating bastards. (Do I bloviate on the subject of critics? Probably, and to them, certainly.. If I do, what of it?) Everybody and his brother is now a critic. To RE-view is fine, if it is done with those who have themselves already VIEWED, but these PRE-views do no justice to the art that critics profess to respect and love.

THIS MOVIE: That off my chest, let me be a lone voice, or one of them, to defend OCEAN OF PEARLS. It is a complex and fine movie, and I recommend that you see it yourself. If you disagree after you have seen it, fine. We'll talk.

Till then, then. -- Clark
November 4, 2011
Well Directed, Well Acted, I must say that principally the guy did what was asked of mankind, it shows the true colours of being a sikh, a fighter , a humane person, always ready to put yourself into fire for the betterment of mankind. Must watch for everybody who think they can't go ahead with their principles and values.
November 1, 2011
Between a 5/10 and 6/10, it sounds heavy-handed, and it is. Although the film looks professional, it feels like a soap opera with a message. High marks for good intentions, but that's about all.
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