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February 24, 2015
A mix of action and monsters, this film really seems to have no idea about where it's going. The characters are uninteresting, the octopus isn't really frightening and the computer effects are awful, and the ending drags on for a bit too much.
February 15, 2014
The octopus was shit, seriously, if i'm going to watch a giant octopus film i don't want subtle involved at all! Interestingly though the actual part before they even get near the octopus wasn't as terrible as i thought it would be. I just despair at these movies when they don't play it for laughs AT ALL! Even after years upon years of this genre and it's like there's not even a nudge or a wink in sight. Nevermind, but next time i'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind if a giant freakin' rubber tentacle rose out of the sea and squished someone until their blood and guts were juiced out in some human-insides waterfall. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!
October 27, 2012
Toxic waste from a Soviet sub creates an enormous octopus that sinks ships that cross its underwater path. CGI effects do not look as good as Jaws and the terrorist subplot is completely unnecessary when I just wanted to see the octopus in action.
September 11, 2012
Thinking that this film was decades old, I was intent on giving it more credit than it possibly deserved, but given its 21st century release, I'm now left wondering why the hell the special effects and acting were so bad for such a modern movie! Having said that, did i still enjoy it?.........Yes!!! I was fearing something similar to the creature from the black lagoon and so was pleasantly surprised by the lower class version of the James Bond style film I received (much lower class I hasten to add). The Octopus was merely a sub-story of the main event, which revolved around a rookie police officer guarding a highly dangerous terrorist / serial killer across the border, unbeknown to the fact that the submarine transport was not only going to be under attack from the ocean beast, but also by hijackers intent on freeing their criminal mastermind. The script was full of cheesy lines, similar to bond, but suffered badly from some poor camera work and graphics making it difficult to tell what the hell was going on within the fast action sequences and underwater shots. I guess you could also say that there is a degree of unrealism in the way that the giant creature was able to mount a titanic like cruise liner and attack it's contents with relative ease, but that just adds to the fun. Not one I'd watch on repeat but pleasantly surprised by its entertainment factor.
August 21, 2012
Pretty dumb at parts. A low budget really gets obvious with the bad effects. The lead guy is biggest sissy CIA man ever on screen. I found it funny how.many times they found ways to get the lead lady in her underwear. Nice. Add in a very overacting Ricco Ross.
February 3, 2012
Incredibly dumb monster movie, shot mostly in extreme close ups to avoid showing the lame sets, has nothing to recommend. The acting is subpar (Jay Harrington wound up finding his place on Better Off Ted, but boy oh boy is he wrong for this role), the storyline annoyingly complex (just shoot the villain!), and the monster seems to be more of an afterthought.

I'm always surprised that movies like this get made because they are broken from their very conception. Let's try a little game. Here we have a move about a giant octopus attacking a submarine. Okay. Now off the top of your head, think of how many ways an octopus could be a threat to a submarine. I got...bump into it. After that, there really isn't anything, so the movie cheats to come up with octopus threats that couldn't possibly exist (somehow it gets a tentacle into the submarine), and then pads out the rest of the run time because the conflict is paper thin.
½ December 3, 2011
For a movie called "Octopus", there's a lot going on here, and some of that even has to do with a large killer animal. There's an unusual amount of plot for a movie of this nature, so much so that the titular animal doesn't even make an impact on the proceedings for a full half hour. This film is much more concerned with a terrorist being transported back to the United States in a submarine of all things after blowing up an U.S. Embassy.
I guess it's an important plot device since it's impossible for an octopus to pick off people one by one in a submarine, no matter how clever he may be. The special effects are typically shoddy, with CGI replacing imagination once again, further signaling the downfall of movies on the whole. It's just one more buzz killer in this ridiculous, deathly dull picture. The impending meeting between the sub and the luxury cruise liner shows promise for pulling the movie out of the doldrums, but that is a let down once again. Again, it's marred by sub-standard special effects. And it's only five minutes out of an overlong film that seriously could have used some editing.
The screenwriters try to salvage it by injecting some much-needed humor into the dialogue during the last half hour, but it's too little too late. It just feels out of place in a movie that was serious to the point of absurdity for the first two-thirds. You just have to wonder why they filmmakers thought it would help at that point in the game.
For a movie like this, campy fun was the only way to go, and there's nothing fun abut "Octopus". The title creature is an afterthought at best, and he has very little screen time.
½ May 11, 2011
This is a B+ movie, but only as pertains to the B-movie scale. There are many questions regarding the story. Why is a military sub being used to transport a questionably high value internationally criminal target? Why use a military sub for mapping and research? Why is there a game of strip poker in the middle of a control room? Why is there a civilian woman on the sub? Well, this is a B-movie, so all of this is for the sake of creating action and excitement.

All of these things factor into enough silly action to keep the octopus attacks coming. There are plot holes and continuity and logic errors everywhere, but it keeps an interesting pace to it all and has this bizarre terrorist bombed slant that is ridiculous, and just right for this story. Plus, it does a great thing in taking the climax out of the water. Overall, a very good effort for a B-Movie, and this gets the B-Movie A+ of 3.5 stars.
½ February 7, 2011
As my endless search for the funniest and best bad movie around continues, I find myself sitting for an hour waiting for some rubbish-looking octopus to show up in a spy movie set in a submarine. And although the wait is obviously not worth it, there is enough silliness involved here to keep me entertained.

You've essentially got two movies in one here: a watchable spy TV movie starring a Daniel Craig lookalike as a Russian terrorist and a shitty, boring horror B movie about a giant octopus messing around with a submarine filled with forgettable characters. Putting these two films together obviously doesn't work and you'll soon find yourself not caring about the monster and just wishing you were watching the spy movie instead.

Dire special effects, terrible but fun over (and under) acting, evil Daniel Craig dressed up like an old lady, Carolyn Lowery's slut "scientist", the line: "She's holding baby!": there are some gems here and there but you can't make a spy/giant octopus movie and expect it to just blossom into something resembling a proper film.

If you like bad movies, this has its moments. But even then, submarine movies are usually a drag and this is no exception: at 1h40m, Octopus feels about two and a half hours long. Watch it for the spy elements, the lol reaction shots, the corny one-liners, the "arriba!" transition and the schizophrenic structure but otherwise: please disperse, nothing to see here.
January 31, 2011
Worth a laugh or two, but that is about it.
January 26, 2011
So bad....so....bad....
½ January 25, 2011
This movie was terrible in pretty much every facet, I actually started writing things down because there was so much, so here are some of my observations.

-Don't you get searched before being allowed into an embassy?
-Bombs count down, not up.
-Playing strip poker on the bridge, really!
-The sub surfacing is clearly in the ocean, yet they picked up the people from what looks like a lake.
-How do you get ground level photos from a satellite?
-Telling a terrorist who has killed thousands of people that he will burn cause he kills one navy guy is pretty stupid.
-You kept a prisoner in "Brig" that is also where you keep the glass bottles of ketchup, and he stayed in the same chair handcuffed for a week, did no one think that one through?
-This has the worst chase seen in any movie that I have ever seen, the fat guy looks like he is going to die of a heart attack every scene he is in.
-They are going to wipe out an entire cruise ship to rescue one guy.
-The octopus tentacle acts like it has an eye and stops and looks around and then heads for the closest person.
-You can control an entire Cruise ship from an early 90's laptop?
-In not sure which one is worse? ROOM SERVICE!!!!!! or Not in this lifetime, old chap!!!
½ November 13, 2010
If you like cheesy films you'll love this. Also, it's crap.
½ December 31, 2009
"Uh....Where's the octopus??? All I can hear is some dinosaur sound effect that's supposedly the voice of the octopus under water!? This is a classic example of combining two worthless scripts into one masterpiece beyond hopelessness. DO NOT SHOW THIS TO PEOPLE WITH SUICIDAL TENDENCY. THEY WILL KILL THEMSELVES!!
½ November 25, 2009
Stupid movie. The acting is poor, not very suspenseful, the plot is lame. Really dumb. Poor score and not very well edited. Very predictable. Not very involving.
October 11, 2009
Rien de tel qu'une petite série Z de temps en temps...
½ July 27, 2009
These kinds of movies are only useful as spectacles and as fodder for MST3K-style commentary.
May 23, 2009
Toxic waste from a Soviet sub creates an enormous octopus that sinks ships that cross its underwater path. CGI effects do not look as good as Jaws and the terrorist subplot is completely unnecessary when I just wanted to see the octopus in action.
½ May 5, 2009
For a straight to DVD film, it appears the budget was pretty high for the amount of effects and stunts employed within it. However, the Octopus was hardly shown, with the plot focusing rather on the prisoner who is being transported across the seas. Makes for a rather amusing film at times though.
½ May 5, 2009
Surprisingly well made for a straight-to-DVD film, Octopus actually had some potential, but a laughably poor script and a rather misleading title, given that the Octopus is rarely the focus of the film, make this only slightly better than its shoddy contemporaries.
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