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½ February 24, 2015
There are some fun interesting pointers, but they don't go deep enough, and the characters suffer from lacking development. The octopus is typical creature fare, but gets shafted in the conclusion and tossed away like a memory. Still, the cheesy moments and straight-forward plot make it at least a fun monster movie.
October 18, 2014
Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a no frills budget horror movie. No thinking involved, no wildly fantastic special effects, just 90 minutes of a big rubber monster making people howl amongst the sea front! I can barely remember much of the first instalment but what I do recall is that it wasn't quite as bad as what I expected (but it was still quite bad). It hasn't gotten any better but the fact it has even spawned a sequel would be noted as a success. It surely can't be defined as horror due to its general lack of blood, gore, or anything remotely scary, but I guess it could give you nightmares if you were a 2 year old. To give it credit, the acting is ok, it flows reasonably nicely, but the monster is simply shocking. Thankfully we never really see a full feature shot of it, just a few close ups of its eye, and a whole lotta rubber as its tentacles wrap themselves around people's necks. It's harmless fun, but one not to be repeated in a hurry, if at all. It is however, one of the best octopus movies I've ever seen, coming 2nd only to the original (and yes, that is because I can't recall any others ever being made)!
½ October 27, 2012
A giant octopus washed into the Hudson River from Nova Scotia of all places attacks boats and threatens to put a damper on Independence Day fireworks. Underwater scenes depict water that is much clearer than the actual Hudson.
August 22, 2012
Smidge better than the original. More practical effects but like in the original...how do the tenticles know how to find people? Theres a nice attack on the Statue of Liberty bit. But the finale involves maybe the worst senior citizen actress of all time!!
½ February 5, 2012
I'll give this to Octopus 2. Unlike Octopus 1, at least it tries and has a story that isn't completely botched in the script stage. The first one made the grievous error of having everyone stay in a submarine which meant the octopus couldn't really reach anyone. Now, the octopus is in the East River in "New York" which is really eastern Europe (this movie is not convincing at all in creating New York).

The cast is okay in this movie. At first I was thrilled cause it seemed that Fredric Lehne was going to have a large role, but he's out for the count thirty minutes in.

The octopus scenes are pretty terrible. There's an awful lot of Ed Wood style "shake the tentacles" scenes that go on and on and on. It took Fredric Lehne five minutes to die. And the end sequence involving lots of children getting trapped in a tunnel with some crazy old woman and her dog is hilariously awful. They pull out all the stops. Will the dog survive? Will the old woman survive? Will the children survive? Will the little girl in leg braces survive? The answer to all of these questions is "who cares".

But, like I said, the director this time out is trying, and he is stuck with a horribly low special effects budget, terrible stock footage to make it feel like "New York", and actors who give their best "American" accent.
February 8, 2010
Pain knows no limit.
July 18, 2009
Little-known fact: Billy Joel premeditated this film. In a half-hearted attempt not to spoil it, he only barely disguised the reference in his 1993 song:

In the middle of the night /
I go walking in my sleep /
From the mountains of faith /
To the river so deep /
I must be lookin' for something /
Something sacred I lost /
But the river is wide /
And it's too hard to cross

-- See how he changed 'Fear' to 'Dreams' (notice the similarity of the words?) -- And then he did the same thing with '... looking for something scary' which he replaced with 'sacred', again only thinly disguising the obvious message. ----

Leaves you scared about the actual meaning of 'The Piano Man', doesn't it?
½ May 23, 2009
A giant octopus washed into the Hudson River from Nova Scotia of all places attacks boats and threatens to put a damper on Independence Day fireworks. Underwater scenes depict water that is much clearer than the actual Hudson.
½ January 15, 2009
This movie sucked pretty bad.
August 4, 2008
it was a nice movie,for someone who does not fear hollar movies
½ February 3, 2008
½ January 24, 2008
hahahaha i think the best part about it was how the size of the octopus changed with literally every new shot of it

also, rubber tentacles that don't actually grip people but just sort of lay over them doesn't look very threatening

for octopus 3, please invest in some sort of primitive animatronics to put inside your puppet octopus arm. i mean, fuck. come on guys. seriously.
January 14, 2008
Is it pretty common to see an octopus in a river?
Super Reviewer
November 9, 2007
A very deep and intellectual movie with an intricate plot line. The special effects are not good in this movie, although in places this is due to some special effects.
½ November 3, 2007
If imitation automatically translated into homage, then Octopus 2: River of Fear would be one of the most stirring tributes to Steven Spielberg's breakthrough smash Jaws ever made. For starters, you‚??ve got a cop who‚??s determined to convince a headstrong mayor that there is a deadly underwater creature about to cause tremendous damage on unsuspecting visitors during the fourth of July weekend, and then there is the similar conflict where no one will look the evidence plainly in the eye. Alas, Octopus 2 is about as far from a respectable dedication imaginable, and from cheesy stem to sullen stern it is without a doubt one of the dreariest monster movies ever made.

The hackneyed story begins with a couple out for a drunken late night boat ride and they end up as octo-bait. Naturally, a lone drifter, sad, grisly and misunderstood, is the only witness to the event. Cut to up and coming NYC police detective Nick Hartfield (Michael Reilly Burke), who has just botched an undercover drug bust when he accuses a supreme court judge of trafficking (though he is seemingly fishing in the East River?!?). His veteran partner Walter (Fredric Lehne) has, naturally, requested a transfer to a desk job and only has ‚??one last case‚?? before he can switch departments. Suffice to say, we know Walter‚??s fate ten minutes into the flick.

After Nick and Walter uncover the remains of the octopus attack, the mayor‚??s assistant Rachel (Meredith Morton) hits the scene and starts asking a lot of questions. With few sufficient answers, the dynamic SCUBA duo head to an underground refuge for homeless people who play the violin and have well-furnished cubicles. Nick is reluctant to believe the lone drifter‚??s story that it‚??s an octopus responsible for all the shenanigans. That night, the cephalopod lashes out on a boat that eventually explodes, but not before we are treated to some shots of rubber tentacles that are clearly suspended by cables and a hokey shot of a neon yellow cat‚??s eye staring back at us through a misty porthole.

And so it goes. There‚??s never any explanation for the enormous octopus, including what it‚??s doing there (except to say that it ‚??must have come from Nova Scotia‚??), and no one ever thinks to phone someone else in New York City who might be a specialist on this kind of thing. Of course, we are treated to a scene when a dozen school kids are put in peril, and naturally a child in a wheelchair is the one most at risk. To cement the movie‚??s badness, there‚??s even a dream sequence where the octopus is depicted wreaking havoc on the Statue of Liberty.

Ordinarily, I‚??m all for B movies as long as there‚??s a few laughs along the way. I don‚??t mind if movies like Octopus 2: River of Fear reek of terrible effects and corny dialogue, but they have to be at least marginally interesting to justify sitting through them. It would take eight tentacles restraining me to get me to sit through this movie again, and even then I would most likely be doing everything in my power to try to break free.
October 19, 2007
A very deep and intellectual movie with an intricate plot line. Also features some profound symbolism as the Octopus relocates the Statue of Liberty.
½ October 18, 2007
If you have seen the atrocious original film, then this film is a masterpiece. It is passable that is definitely worth a watch. The SPFX are more old fashion is models instead of bad computer effects. A midnight movie that will remain one of the best direct to DVD creature films ever.
October 6, 2007
½ June 28, 2007
AWESOME! :D this is for das
½ June 12, 2007
Damn. I wanted to be the first person to rate this movie but someone beat me to it. I was lazy. I own this movie but have never seen it.
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