Octopussy Quotes

  • Twin: that was for my brother
    James Bond: and that was for 009

  • "M": Oh Bond?
    James Bond: Yes Sir?
    "M": Sign a chit for that egg before you go. lt's government property now.
    James Bond: of course sir.

  • James Bond: According to Fanning, this Kamal usually sells. Now he buys.
    James Bond: I Believe the fake will smoke him out
    James Bond: Our tail followed him to Heathrow where he caught a plane to Delhi.
    "M": You must go there too.
    "M": l'll alert Sadruddin, our man in Station l, to keep him under surveillance.
    "M": Book yourself on the next flight out.
    James Bond: I have 55 minutes to catch that flight

  • "M": 007 You Had no business bidding on that egg! and what would you have done if you got it?
    James Bond: l would have claimed it was a fake, sir, and not paid.
    "M": Not Paid?
    James Bond: Here's the original. l switched it with the fake during the auction.
    "M": Good God! And what happens when the buyer discovers that?
    James Bond: Well, he complains. lf he's legitimate.
    "M": well
    James Bond: l don't think he will complain.

  • Kamal: You have a nasty habit of surviving.
    James Bond: You know what they say about the fittest.

  • James Bond: Vijay, we have company!
    Vijay: No problem. This is a company car.

  • Kamal: Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond
    James Bond: I intend to, Kamal Khan.

  • Kamal: Bond is of a rare breed SOON to be extinct

  • James Bond: You'll need this to play with your asp.

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