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½ January 23, 2010
Director Su Friedrich's medical autobiography chronicling her frequent 'procedures' over the course of several years. Everything from torn knee ligaments to breast cysts, sometimes in stark detail, presented in true Friedrich fashion.

Where other filmmakers might mask blemishes, Su prefers to emphasize them. She also conveys a lot of information with shots of hands, ankles, elbows... everything but faces.

Friedrich is very adept at interspersing metaphor throughout her films, especially here where she uses gardening, cooking and needlepoint as elements to tie the whole documentary together.

I don't know if I would have liked this one as much had I not already seen a few of Su's other films. It's not like she was suffering from terminal illness or battling a rare disorder. A lot of what she experiences here is very mundane and medically common. But, and I tend to say this a LOT when I comment on her work, it's her honesty that draws you in and keeps it interesting.
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