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Of Gods and Men Quotes

  • Christophe: Let God set the table here. For everyone. Friends and enemies.

  • Christophe: Dying here…here and now…Does it serve a purpose? I don't know. I feel like I'm going mad.
    Christian: It's true that staying here is as mad as becoming a monk. Remember. You already gave your life. You gave it by following Christ. When you decided to leave everything. Your life, your family, your country. The family you could have raised.
    Christophe: I don't know if it's true any more. I pray. And I hear nothing. i don't get it. Why be martyrs? For God? To be heroes? To prove we're the best?
    Christian: We're martyrs out of love, out of fidelity. If death overtakes us, despite ourselves, because up to the end, we'll try to avoid it, our mission here is to be brothers to all. remember that love is eternal hope. Love endures everything.

  • Luc: We are in a high-risk situation, but we persist in our faith and our confidence in God. It is through poverty, failure and death that we advance toward him.

  • Luc: I'm not scared of terrorists, even less of the army. And I'm not scared of death. I'm a free man.

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