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July 9, 2010
86/100. All six episodes in season one were fantastic. I liked Work Experience and Judgement best. The cast is terrific, especially Ricky Gervais.
December 29, 2009
I absolutely love the office, the greatest British sitcom of all time!
Enough said
April 12, 2009
This is the best piece of comedy I've seen in the last 15 years. Ricky Gervais is a genius. You need to watch the series in its entirety from start to finish to really appreciate this masterpiece and then watch it over again to really pick up on some of the subtle humour. Episode 4 (the facilitator) is perhaps the most hilarious piece of comedy ever written.
½ January 9, 2007
I have a hell of a time picking which is better The Office UK or US, they are both excellent, but season 2 of the US version is the best so far.

I also have a hell of a time figuring out why people don't love Spielberg
August 16, 2006
Simply hilarious. David Brent is too funny. A lot of the stories and some jokes were ruined for me because I've seen every episode of the US version. This version is a lot more explicit, with the swearing and subject matter. Are TV shows generally this explicit over in the UK?
November 23, 2005
Funny! Funny! Funny! Human and understated.
½ May 4, 2005
bloody brilliant show mate!
March 4, 2005
Well, I started grading TV shows, and decided to start with the most hilarious show maybe ever, and that's not hyperbole. This show follows David Brent (the hilarious Ricky Gervais) as an office manager of a paper supply mill in Slough, England. The show is set up like a documentary, so there are no laugh tracks which make the awkward pauses even more hilarious. All of the episodes in the first series (which consists of 6 episodes) are very funny, but the standout is the episode called Training Day in which the workers have to sit in a workshop detailing how to deal with customer complaints, etc. If you want to see clips of the show, you can go to the BBC America website and they have some pretty good quality clips. Ricky wanted to only do two seasons to keep the comedy fresh and he certainly did that. Small warning however: the language is a bit crude and there are some obscenities as British TV doesn't have the same censorship as across the Atlantic.
February 22, 2005
[left][font=Arial]If we speak about the definition of tragicomic, a good example for a visual encyclopedia would be the two seasons of British sitcom "The Office". Based upon the slight exaggeration of annoying characters everybody founds on any boring office, each chapter of half an hour manages to drive the spectator crazy and left him wanting for more at the same time. "The Office" makes masochists of us all. Because you cannot but watch how David Brent (the incompetent boss that think he is funny) is embarrassed by his actions again and again, and how with each chapter he falls more into perdition and nobody even try to stop his plunge. He is annoying, is true, but those self-righteous bosses and employees that provoke his demise (in particular in season 2) are not better persons: they're in fact the class of people that make your everyday worse; all repressive regimes in the world are full of them. "The Office" is filmed as a pseudo-documentary (a "mockumentary" in buff slang) showing the regular life at a seemingly regular corporation office from nine to five. This technique limits the kind of outrageous behavior the characters can indulge in and evades in this way the easy traps of proved formulas from ordinary sit-coms. One needs only to watch the delicate relationship between Tim, one of the workers, and Dawn the receptionist: for once the little games and little steps towards a possible future together are justified. [/font][/left]

[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Warning: you must see at least three chapters to capture the ambience, but if you're hooked like me you go to watch everything at once, and keep in mind that you must sleep something before going to work at your local Sleugh ;) [/size][/font]
February 9, 2005
Memoriam - A film that brought a tear to my eye.

Dreamers - Felt very interesting and original to me.

Next Door - Barely entertaining. Not very interesting characters, but a little more interesting story.

The Office - The best TV show since Seinfeld.
December 13, 2004
I watched the first episode of this British comedy series that's been highly touted (on IGN) of late, and was so utterly disappointed. I was expecting some good, enjoyable office comedy like [i]Sports Night[/i] or [i]The West Wing[/i] or even [i]News Radio[/i]. I would have settled, even, for [i]Dilbert[/i]. But instead the first episode was painful -- no appealing characters whatsoever and the most annoying lead character I've seen in a TV series for a while. It's a pretty hateful experience. If I'm going to commit myself to watching an entire TV series, at least make it somewhat appealing instead of a series of painful stunts with idiotic characters that I wouldn't want to be stuck in a room with (much less have to watch voluntarily).

There will be no viewing of Episode 2 of this show...
½ August 19, 2004
my computer has been screwing up rt for awhile now. i can't even remember what all i had to say about hidalgo. viggo wasn't very good. ned kelly was really bad. they even managed to make Orlando look bad. hes not such a good actor. and his accent didn't fit the movie at all. on the other hand, the office was pure genius. bloody brillant. i can't wait to get the next season. :fresh:

ned kelly 4/5
hidalgo 5/5
viggo 4/5
the office 9.5/10
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