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July 27, 2004
I don't actually feel whimsical, but it is an interesting mood. I doubt I could feel whimisical, unless I was sitting naked on a unicorn...but. I'm not. I'm usually not. I am, however, sitting on a chair, in the office. Not The Office. I wish. Not enough people have actually seen that show, but if you are reading this, and have not seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. HIGHLY. It is a British comedy about an office, and basically surrounds the boss, David Brent. Who is a character. Who also won the Golden Glode for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Deserved without a doubt. Anyway, he is so odd, and awkward, it is hysterical. He tries so hard to fit in, it just comes across painful. You literally cringe for him. The other characters are equally fantastic. All of them are brilliant in their pathetic little ways, and I assure you, they are all quite pathetic. There are two series, the first is more lighthearted than the second, but both are equally hysterical. Then there is the Christmas episode, which I haven't seen! But I would love to.

Pictures soon.
July 25, 2004
Well, yesterday sucked. I ran some errands with my mom, we went to the library where I got [b]Shadows and Fog, [/b][i]The Office[/i], "Be Cool" and "Rumble Tumble". Then we went by GameStop so I could drop off my application, but later I realized I had forgotten to sign it cause I'm a complete dumbass. Then later that night I was browsing the internet and saw at IMDB that there was to be a Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle screening. I called up and Jonathan and we headed over to the theater only to find out IMDB fucking lied and that the screening was Friday night. So we ended up seeing [b]I, Robot[/b] instead which was just okay.

Today, I woke up and watched the first six episodes of [i]The Office. [/i]Loved it. Hilarious and fun, can't wait for to get the second series. Tim's my favorite character "You're a cock" and Dawn's the cutest girl on I've seen on a TV show in forever. I can understand why Tim wants her. Probably my favorite episode was the one where Dawn and Lee have a fight and the company is doing the training seminar. Loved it when Dave went and got his guitar and started playing songs. I also saw some of [b]I Spy[/b] and was surprised that I didn't hate it. I actually kinda liked it. I also watched [b]Bad Boys 2[/b] and you know what, I liked it too. I found it very enjoyable.

Then around 7:30 my sis calls and wants to hang out cause Josh is going to practice. So she comes over and we upload and fix the pics she took from the CD Release Party in Denton. We then watched [b]Shadows and Fog[/b] which was pretty good, but ultimately went nowhere. I thought the play it's based on, "Death", was much better seeing as it had an ending. But [b]Shadows[/b] had some really funny moments and great characters and casting so it's getting a high rating.

And that's it.
½ July 24, 2004
So I finally joined the bandwagon and read [i]The DaVinci Code[/i]. I can see why it?s caught on. Dan Brown knows how to keep people interested in a story; there are so many cliffhangers that the novel seems serialized, and he keeps the chapters short so people think ?I?ll stop after this chapter. Okay, just one more.? The content is just as good as the construction, and fortunately, Brown?s website provides pictures of the various buildings and artwork that the book itself so dearly needs. Though his facts may be somewhat apocryphal, this [i]is[/i] a work of fiction. And a very compulsively readable one, at that.

In fact, the book?s emphasis on the Bible, amongst other factors, has planted an odd little idea in my head. I?m thinking about reading the Bible. Both testaments. Just straight through. Like a novel. I may not finish, but it?s worth a shot.


As my previous entry noted, I rented the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Thanks to my family?s recent acquisition of the services of Netflix, I?ve been able to rent The Office. First off, why is it that Britcoms have such short lives? Reminds me of that Simpsons quote, ?Not hard to see why it's Englands longest running series, and today, we're showing all seven episodes.? But anyway, the first season was good, not quite as good as CYE?s first season, but good nonetheless. David Brent is hilarious, and for some odd reason, I like Gareth better than Tim, even though Tim is more likeable? I suppose Gareth it?s because Gareth is infinitely more interesting. And are all Englishmen really that sexist? Best episode: Work Experience.

Does anyone else put together jigsaw puzzles, or am I the only loser who does this? Just wondering. I finished a photomosaic one last week of Homer Simpson.

So the local classic rock station decided to change its format and call itself Dave FM. You heard me. The format change isn?t what bothers me, since the station claims that it plays a diverse selection of rock from the past few decades, but what?s up with the name? It?s obviously a reference to Dave Matthews, which bothers me not because I don?t like DMB (they?re not bad), but because it?s just so freaking lame. Oh, and they play John Mayer, too. Bastards.


I rented [b]Shattered Glass[/b] on DVD. I?d already seen it, but it has a 60 Minutes interview with Stephen Glass and a commentary track featuring former The New Republic editor Chuck Lane. It?s not much, as far as special features go, but it?s still interesting. Glass, as noted in the film, is extremely feminine. And Lane?s commentary is great, since he points out all the true-to-life details and such. Plus, though he stays very professional throughout the commentary, you can tell that he has a complete and absolute hatred of Stephen Glass.

Partly because I wanted to see it, and partly because my sister can?t drive herself, I went to see [b]The Bourne Supremacy[/b]. On the plus side, Matt Damon makes a compelling hero, Joan Allen is great as the no-nonsense CIA person, and the film is expertly paced. There?s no glamour in this version of espionage, which is a bit refreshing. And the score is pretty good, too. On the other hand, the action scenes just suck. There?s a bit of combat in a house that pales in comparison to the Bride vs. Vernita Green duel in [b]Kill Bill[/b], and a car chase that only delivers half of the time. Plus, the only villain with a real presence only shows up at the film?s bookends. The Bourne Supremacy is a fine movie, but it just lacks oomph. And is just me, or is Brian Cox playing Stryker again?

I was considering skipping out on [b]I, Robot[/b] altogether, but I?m glad that I didn?t. It?s not the complete vacuum that the ads would have you believe. Granted, it takes a while to get good; the first twenty minutes or so are Will Smith going through his usual routine while semi-flirting with Bridget Moynahan. Fortunately, Will Smith has played this kind of role so many times that he?s become perfect at it. He?s convincingly tough, but still goofy and likeable. Credit must also be given to Alex Proyas, who I?m sure gave the film its visionary flair. And then there?s the script? from the previews and commercials, one would expect that I, Robot would be a bastardization of Isaac Asimov?s novels. I haven?t read any of his, but I doubt they contain car chases. Still, the script manages to sneak some semblance of intelligence into your average blockbuster. Smith?s paranoia about robots isn?t irrational, as some have put it, but understandable once we here why. The explanation for the robots? actions makes sense. And there are some nice little philosophical touches in the plot about Sonny, the robotic murder suspect. Of course, this all doesn?t make I, Robot an intellectual film, per se, but it at least takes half a brain to watch it.
July 7, 2004
[b]DVD [/b]First Viewing, 1 season seen

This series is beating the crap out of "Nip/Tuck" season two. So far that sucks, but [i]The Office [/i]is hilarious. Episode 4 is one of the funniest things I have seen since [i]Rushmore[/i] (or at least [i]The Royal Tenenbaums[/i]). Now they are making it into an American show? Well, at least we know it is going to suck. I also picked up "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to check that out. My attention span is better suited for great 30-60 minute TV shows than it is for bad 2-hour movies.
½ June 24, 2004
Ungh, oooh. Thursday is here and looks like a few of the guys and gals from the office are going out for drinks. Today is Tequila Thursday, a black day with a dark history in my book. It all started in undergrad with some good lifelong friends and Jose Cuervo. You do the math. I got to the point by graduation where the sight and smell of the stuff was enough to make me feel ill.

That was until two weeks ago, when I decided to introduce some new friends to the experience. Oooh, the shots flowed at [b]ACME[/b], limes were sucked and salt licked - over and over.

We then staggered to The Edge, where in a state of reckless debauchery we began to sing Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)...

When I finally did get home, the lady person was not very pleased with the state I was in, or the stench of tequila on me... And she loves the stuff.

So here we are again, 2 weeks later and fully recovered - faced with the prospect of introducing yet another friend to Tequila Thursday... I am borderline; it is a horrible day a horrible experience. It's like a poster I had hanging in my dorm room: [i]"Tequila!! Have you hugged your toilet today??"[/i]

Nothing new, I finally caught up with the times and have seen both seasons (or series) of [b]The Office[/b]. Great show, and a shame there aren't anymore... a waste even because there was so much more story waiting to be told and I feel a bit cheated. I fell in love with the characters and wanted to see what happened next.. David ruled redundant, T refuses the position and gives it to Gareth, Gareth possibly power tripping... oh man [b]The Office[/b] was about to hit a high point and that is all? So cheated I feel yes.

Oh and take the 9 as a total for both series, since The Complete Second Series isnt popping up.
June 21, 2004
[font=Century Gothic]I have heard nothing but good things about this show, BUT I don't know anyone who has actually seen it in person. So I broke down and ordered it on NetFlix. Wow. It was amazing. I can't remember ANY tv show make me laugh as hard, and as consistantly as The Office. [/font]

[font=Century Gothic]The premise of the show is pretty simple. 1) Take an office for a paper distribution company. 2) Fill it with all sorts of zany british people. 3) Give them a completely incompetant boss to watch over them. 4) Pretend to have a documentary film crew watch them....and VIOLA: Funniest show EVER. [/font]

[font=Century Gothic]The style of comedy reminds me of all the great mocumentary films I've seen (This Is Spinal Tap, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Best In Show, etc.) in the sense that it's not the jokes that are funny, but the characters. You won't find any Friends-like punchlines in this show. Oh no. What you will get it staplers in gelatin, impromptu sing-alongs, and meeting rooms used as interrogation rooms. I'm sure it doesn't make any sense to hear about it, you just have to watch it for Go. Go rent it right now. It's worth it.[/font]
½ May 21, 2004
[color=black]I finally got hold of The Office after hearing for, literally, years how funny it was. Being a Huge fan of Coupling, I was looking forward to it. And the verdict is:[/color]
[color=#000000]Utter confusion.[/color]
[color=#000000]Is it funny? In retrospect. This very quiet, very quick British sitcom has the aftertaste of funny. You watch an episode, turn it off, do the dishes and then think, "I cannot Believe he said that!" Most of the comedy comes from the interplay of quirky personalities, not one-liners. "OK, you have to stop the Q-tip when you feel resistance" is not a line you will hear. And the lines they do have are said with thick British accents.[/color]
[color=#000000]Should you watch it? If you loved The Best Of What's Left you should. If you thought Sports Night was funnier than The Simpsons, you should. If you're British, you probably really should.[/color]

[color=#000000]Also, has anyone but me noticed that no two British people have the same accent?[/color]
April 23, 2004
Thank god for DVD. Otherwise, how would I have discovered a show like THE OFFICE? I recently ordered the first season on Netflix, and couldn't believe that I was missing a show this funny and brilliant and sublime. As soon as I was done viewing the first season, I went out and snatched up both seasons on DVD. Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman are the oil that makes the engine of THE OFFICE go. Gervais is painful wannabe boss David Brent, and Freeman is the borderline loser Tim. Both have unbelievable comic timing, and an uncanny sense of subtle humor. Damn the BBC for not being available here in America, or maybe it is, and I don't know about the shit. Oh well. I'm lucky to have discovered this rather excellent show on DVD. Cheers.
April 12, 2004
Wow was this hilarious. I always wanted to see it and decided to rent the DVD. One of the best written shows I have ever seen. My favorite character is Gareth (who looks like DJ Qualls). To bad there are only 6 episodes. I wanted more. I watched all 180 min straight. I am hooked.
½ January 18, 2004
The first two episodes were great, and then the main boss character just started grating on me like no one's business. And by the end of the first disc, I could hardly stay awake. Maybe it's the steroid drip, but man, talk about an overhyped show.

If I'm missing the point, feel free to drop me a line.
December 24, 2003
Ricky Gervais's creation is truly original and in my estimation, one of the greatest comedies of all time. Not since Fawlty Towers has a comedy found such a wide fanbase.

The characters are totally believable and David Brent's actions are outrageous yet somehow identifyable. A great supporting cast with the characters Tim, Dawn, Gareth and Keith being played to perfection.

Comedy doesn't get any better than this. Buy it.
December 19, 2003
I would like to shake his hand. Unless, he was a woman and then he would be a she and it would be her hand. Anyways, I have fallen in love with two such series on DVD the first would be The Office.

For those that do not know, The Office is a half hour British comedy about the workers in an English Paper company. It is set up as a sort of mockumentary where the workers know that they are being filmed and even provide confessionals. So far there have been two seasons of six episodes and I have yet to see a third. The first is on DVD while I had to catch the second on BBCAmerica.

Let me just say that I have not laughed this hard since the middle seasons of The Simpsons. It is absolutely hilarious. Part of it is the cast. Ricky Gervais (sp?) plays David Brent a boss who cares more about his image than his job. He wants to be seen as the funniest, coolest, youngest, most laid back boss ever. He always has to have the last word and he always needs to receive the loudest laugh. Gervais plays him with such a straight face that I find myself looking away when he talks, knowing he is going to make a fool out of himself. He does not mean to be an ass, he just is and it is funny as hell.

However, the supporting cast are who seal the deal for me. The two main supporting characters are Tim and Gareth. Tim does not enjoy how his life turned out. He wants a different carrer path, he secretly lusts after Dawn (the receptionist) even while she is in a relationship, and all his fun seems to come from picking on Gareth. I love Tim. The faces he makes at Brent and Gareth, the yelling "Cock!" into the phone at Gareth, and the observations he comes up with are priceless. Tim would seem like a bully if only Gareth wasn't such an easy target. He has no idea how to interact with people (especially women). He seems to say what is on his mind and for the most part he shouldn't. And he easily falls for Tim and Dawn's tricks. He is still incredibly funny to watch because you never know what will come out of his mouth.

Then there is Dawn, like Tim she has bigger aspirations. She, however, is engaged to someone in the warehouse despite showing inklings she wants to be with Tim. The odd relationship between Tim and Dawn is a joy to watch. The constant flirting and pulling away makes it very awkward comedy. Add Gareth and David's meddling in to the mix and I can't stop laughing.

It's also one of those shows where you can't tell someone how funny it is and expect to have the same effect. For example, the line "There was a rape up there!" seems completely not funny out of context but, when you watch David scream this out of nowhere, I dare you not to laugh. The delivery of the lines are more impactful than the lines themselves and that says something about the actors.

The second show I have fallen in love with is Alias. This show was made for DVD. I am on Disc 3 of Season 2 and the only reason I haven't spent an entire day watching every disc is because I am getting them one by one through Netflix. I cannot imagine watching this show on television having to wait each week for the next episode. 95% of the episodes end with a cliffhanger and the last episode of Season 1 ended with such a huge cliffhanger I would have been pissed to wait.

The show is about Sidney Bristow a double agent of the CIA and a group called SD-6, a group that the CIA is trying to bring down. She tries to balance her double life while still attending college, having friends, and patching up the relationship with her father, another double agent. The appeal of the show to me is the multiple story lines and how they are juggled to create a truly suspenseful 45 minutes of television. It doesn't pull any punches (episode one involved the killing of Sidney's fiance by SD-6 causing her to discover who they really were and cowing to bring them down) and it also slows down to show how these people feel about one another.

The acting is great all around, the production design is top notch (with a few exceptions), and the plotlines are very engaging. The series is a sum of pairs acting off each other. Sidney and her father, Sidney and her handler who has fallen for her, Sidney and her best friend who knows nothing about her secret life, Sidney and her boss who killed her fiance and finally Sidney and her mother the subject of Season 2. Each one is fascinating and is always moving along to one of many conflicts she has to face. Connot wait for the next disc.

So, at the moment, these are my two favorite viewing pleasures. Atleast until Sunday when I get my ROTK fix. That will be my next entry and I am sure I will have a lot to say.
December 7, 2003
All of them. I was trying to get them to watch The Office on BBC America and they kept saying it was stupid. These are the people that have made me watch Disney Channel Original movies and enjoy 7th Heaven. We were trying to settle on something to watch and my mom chose some stupid Christmas movie with Tyne Daly and Jami Gertz. It's such garbage, I told her I was sick of her stuffing crappy Christmas movies and music down my throat and she went in to a fit and told me all the movies and shows I watch are weird and not funny, just stupid. That is some infuriating shit.

I'm not coming home for Christmas once I'm out of here. I'm beginning to understand why my uncle doesn't. My grandma is even worse than my mom, I can't imagine the kind of stuff he had to go through. She doesn't approve of anything anyone does. She's always judging everyone.
November 2, 2003
I love this show! Why can't we make stuff like this in America??? I'm moving, **** this, living in a country that can't even make decent TV. Plus, I can pick up one of those awful Madonna-English accents and people will make fun of me.
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