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½ May 20, 2014
The Swedish soccer team, Stenfors BK, used to play in Allsvenskan (the highest division in Sweden) once upon a time, but plays now in one of the lower divisions. The team is run by Anders (Jonas Karlsson), an unemployed slacker with most of his focus on the team much to the dismay of his wife sa (Anja Lundqvist) and his daughter. His father Boston (Ingvar Hirdwall) played with Stenfors BK in the glory days and that is more or less the only thing he talks about to Anders. When Anders was a kid he was a promising soccer player and he was supposed to try out for IFK Gteborg, one of the major clubs in Sweden, but it never happened as Boston was afraid of being left alone by Anders, so he never told Anders about the try outs. Boston puts constant pressure on the team and Anders, and if they don't start winning and stay in their division, the team will be disbanded. But one night, Anders' friend and team mate, Kent (Gran Ragnerstam), calls from England and says he has found their saviour. The man that Kent has found is the legendary, former great Liverpool player Duncan "Killer" Miller (Brendan Coyle). But, when "Killer Miller" arrives at Stenfors, the team finds out that he is a little more of a former player than what they had expected...

Mrten Klingbergs "Offside" is a classic feel good underdog type of sport comedy with some shading we have seen many times. However, this movie still manages to grasp the viewer due to a script that works with plenty of layers and with several good actors in the main roles such as Jonas Karlsson (always great), Torkel Petersson, Ingvar Hirdwall etc. Klingberg manages to keep things together and serves us both laughter and sadness within everyday situations we can relate to in so many ways. And it was nice to see the always radiant Tina Nordlund as Annika. Shes a former player for the Swedish female national team and for Ume IK. One of my old favourites on the pitch.
December 2, 2011
I like this movie, it's straight up fun with some seriousness and an awesome swenglish. Plus, you can never get too much of Brendan Coyle
½ May 3, 2011
Warm, witty and wonderful.
January 28, 2010
Koselig film om rare, men hyggelige bygdafolk slik svenskene er så gode på. Og enhver som har spilt litt fotball på nederste nivå vil finne en del å kjenne seg igjen i.
½ November 26, 2008
"In the gymnasium I considered being a cock" Hahaha...
October 13, 2008
This movie is good and funny :)
½ September 30, 2008
Gliste godt av denna ja! ;)
September 15, 2008
This movie was original, and incredible. Everything was nearly perfect. Not much happens and its still entertaining and driven with a meaningful tone to it.
August 24, 2008
Fucking skate! XD
August 7, 2008
It's a nice portrait of Iranian women trying to get into a stadium for a World Cup qualification match. There's some great argument with the soldiers who guard the ladies who didn't get in - but it still misses a certain something... I can't quite explain it.
August 4, 2008
Passe sjarmerende svensk feel-good om fotball, vennskap, håp og slikt.
½ July 25, 2008
Non-Iranians miss a lot on the accent subtleties between soldiers who have come from villages and the Tehrani girls from capital. I love the semi-documentary quality of this film.
June 27, 2008
A light comedy with a serious undertone to it, the film addresses the boundaries between women and men in present-day Iran. Cool documentary-style feel, and the interview with the director is very interesting.
½ May 20, 2008
A cute little film, sprinkled with lovely little surprises. It's nice to hear how the Iranian players' names are really pronounced too.
½ April 20, 2008
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April 20, 2008
In his introduction at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Panahi explained how his young daughter desperately wanted to attend a soccer match with him. Iranian stadiums, however, are exclusively male-only; to shield delicate feminine sensibilities from the liquor and cursing that invariably results from the combination of men and sports. Though he was certain it would be futile, Panahi agreed to try to get his daughter into the match, bringing his wife along to take the girl home again if she was refused entry. Naturally, she was refused entry. His pleading and arguing with the officials came to no avail, and Panahi??s daughter advised him not to fight for her as she would see him soon. Ten minutes later, the director found his daughter sitting beside him inside the stadium. Thus we are introduced to the (apparently not uncommon) practice of girls dressing as boys in order to attend sports matches.
Offside manages to examine a gross social injustice with a light-heartedness and humour one would imagine impossible. Yet at no point does it deny that we are indeed witnessing injustice ?? we identify with the imprisoned girls railing against the denial of their basic freedoms and laugh with them as they find increasingly clever ways to bend their captors to their will. Yet we are simultaneously compassionate towards the captors, who agree that the law is unfair but are not in positions ?? either socially or personally ?? to enact a rebellion.
Panahi's light touch when examining inequality is both admirable and delightful to watch. They serve less as political statement than snapshot of an incredibly misunderstood Islamic society. For better or worse, Panahi refuses to comment explicitly on the state of his society, instead presenting images of people (often girls and women) existing as best they can, and allowing the viewer to form their own opinions. A genuinely wonderful filmmaker.
April 10, 2008
Rolig film om vänskap, alkoholism och kärleken till fotboll. Skrattade gott åt missförstånden och kulturkrockarna. Den engelska skådespelaren var mycket trovärdig och imponerade med sin rolltolkning av den tragikomiska fotbollsspelaren. En favorit replik när dom ska tävla vem som kör snabbast till en borta match: "As Burt Reynolds says: Lets blow the cops"
½ April 8, 2008
typical boring swedish movie about some nobodys in the countryside
½ March 24, 2008
This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.
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