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May 13, 2014
The actress who played the wife is freaking scary lah. Her acting is like so OTT, but I love the old lady and her friend, who is soooo sweet. I think the gay marketing assistant guy is HOT, I'd banged him any time if he were to be my Marketing Asst....I am a sucker for psycho lovers.
May 13, 2014
and although it's a sweet story, come on, give me a break, they portray the main character as the only black educated person in his whole family. Anyway, you won't miss much if you miss this one
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½ May 13, 2014
Okay romance but it tries a little too hard to be quirky.
May 13, 2014
I don't know why this movie is rated so low. I personally like this movie. It's a charming little movie that will sweeten your day. M'buki M'vuki!
June 4, 2012
no info = no interest
½ September 17, 2010
Not one of the best Danish movies in recent years.
February 15, 2009
I enjoyed very much this bittersweet story of love and self-fulfillment.
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November 13, 2008
Joe!!!!!!!!!! I missed you most terribly. Glad your back in the saddle again and I agree with you about the changes-not at all impressed-especially with the missing little green lights since folks seem to want to be invisible now.
½ October 27, 2008
En hyggelig film om livsglæde og tro. Der er mange hyggelige oversættelser fra dansk til engelsk! Se den en søndag!
½ July 23, 2008
Does anybody have the song, "Lord hold now?" let me know
February 18, 2008
Hvordan kunne jeg glemme den?!!
December 30, 2007
great story about dreams and reality- acting too works well - Lotte Andersen is very good
September 27, 2007
Dansk humor på toppnivå, och filmiskt ett mästerverk!
September 26, 2007
Fantastisk film til alle os ikke helt kan se formålet :-) jeg sad med en rarfornemmelse i maven bagefter
September 16, 2007
S kiksede de er;-D Jeg er helt vild med denne film, der viser mange knap s tjekkede situationer og personligheder som de fleste kender...
April 1, 2007
no info = no interest
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