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December 5, 2017
Operation Double 007, best known for being featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, is an odd cynical cash grab notable only for "starring" Neil Connery as James Bond's hypnotist brother, Dr. Connery, and featuring Bernard Lee as M, Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny, Adolfo Celi as Largo, Daniela Bianchi as the Bond girl and Anthony Dawson as Blofeld. Ennio Morricone also does the soundtrack two years before his iconic Good/Bad/Ugly theme and 50 years before he'd win an Academy Award. Solidly in the so-bad-it's-good genre, and obviously can't hold a candle to the official Bond films as it looks cheap and lacks any interesting stunts, and has only a couple good 'splosions.
½ February 9, 2015
Another MST3K viewing that was pretty amusing from start to finish, but I obviously can't speak to how this plays without robots poking fun at it.

½ March 29, 2013
It doesn't compare to a James Bond film, but with MST3K, it's a fun watch. The characters are lackluster, the music is goofy, and the plot is full of holes. Neil is no Sean, but still makes his character interesting. Recommended for the more die-hard Bond fans, but more so for fans of easy to riff movies.
May 4, 2012
Beyond the stupidity of a typical one-joke movie. No reason this should have been made.
½ October 6, 2011
This is why I love the Italians. They are completely shameless in ripping other movies off... but always with incredibly entertaining results. Too much fun.

Plus you get to see (an all-but-in-name) Moneypenny holding her own in a shootout.
½ August 4, 2011
Boring, terrible idea for a movie. It wasn't even that great of an MST3K episode because of how limited the idea of Sean Connery's brother starring in a movie as himself is.
February 11, 2011
Bond farce that does not take itself seriously except in providing a series of absurd action set pieces, women in ridiculous fashions/headgear, and wildly improbable yet entirely predictable outcomes. The Morricone score is light and full of satirical vocals and pop inflection, the perfect accompaniment. The double entendre of the title works, as Neil Connery does quite little aside from exercising a wildly convenient facility for plastic surgery and hypnosis.

If you go in expecting a sincere homage or pointed satire, prepare to be stupefied as this is obviously in neither vein. It's a dumb, pop goof in which the Celi villain projects a magnetic ray which negates not only all vehicles but firearms as well, necessitating a finale on horseback with archers vs. spear guns. Because Connery has that ability, too.
½ November 5, 2010
Nobody can top the Connery, not even a person related to him. Wait, Sean Connery has a brother?!
August 27, 2010
Ok. So I took a long time, but I finally put my hands on this very hard to find movie, and it was with a particular weird anticipation that today I watched it. It was as bit as cheesy and as bad as I thought it would be, and I was glad! The movie is, off course, ‚??OK Connery‚?? or ‚??Operation Kid Brother‚?? in its American title. And what, you might ask, is ‚??OK Connery‚??? Well, after the huge success of the James Bond movies in the early sixties, a lot of copy cats appeared. In Europe, this phenomenon was very wide spread, mainly in England, Italy and France. Spies OSS 117 or Bulldog Drummond are examples of such. Most of them are just spy eurotrash, of small budget, with beautiful girls, and trying to copy the American style with a hint of parody and a lot of clich√©s. The movies may be bad, but believe me, they are addictive if you are a fan of the genre. So, what distinguishes ‚??OK Connery‚?? in the middle of the huge amount of movies made in the 60s of this genre? Basically, it all comes down to one word‚?¶ casting! The casting of this movie was ‚??pure genius‚??‚?¶ well, maybe not that, but at least it is interesting enough for one to have an itch to see it. The plastic surgeon turned spy is none other than Neil Connery. And who is Neil Connery? Sean Connery‚??s younger brother!!!!! He only made this movie and another, to then ‚??retire‚?? and go to Scotland back into the plaster business‚?¶ His acting is difficult to ascertain, because his voice is dubbed by another actor, so he is just more of a puppet who looks like Sean Connery. He just goes here and there, nods his head and moves his lips. Besides Neil Connery (who plays a spy called Neil Connery!), the producers basically tried to get their hands on all the actors they could that had stared in all the 5 James Bond movies that had been done so far. So we have Daniela Bianchi (the Bond girl in ‚??From Russia with Love‚??), as the bad girl turned good, Bernard Lee and Louis Maxwell (M and Moneypenny) as basically the same roles, Anthony Dawson (one of the villains in ‚??Dr. No‚??), as Alpha, one of the villains, and lastly Adolfo Celi (the villain in ‚??Thunderball‚??) as Beta, the main villain. This allows for some nice spoof moments. Maxwell appears to be making an effort not to laugh all the time, and comments that Neil will do because he looks close enough like his brother, despite being less good looking. The references to the brother are all over the place. Apparently Sean is working on the same case, but he never appears (I wonder why). Celi comments that he is the brother of 00‚?¶ and Dawson interrupts by saying that they are a very obnoxious family. Bianchi also complains that everybody seems to be reading too much Ian Fleming novels‚?¶ And what about the plot? Wait‚?¶ is there a plot? Well‚?¶ unfortunately yes, there is a kind of a plot. But it is so boring, that really there is no interest in discussing it. It involves some hypnotism, plastic surgery, a Japanese girl who has some secrets (a nod to the then Japanese wife of Sean), and a SPECTRE-like organization that has some sort of magnet that can make all clocks, cars, guns, telephones, etc, etc, useless. Usual stuff. The rest is pretty girls, some shooting and explosions, nice Mediterranean locations, a showdown at the villain‚??s lair with bows and arrows (because the guns don‚??t work!), and villains doing their usual villain stuff. If Mini-me or Mike Myers suddenly appeared I wouldn‚??t think it strange, albeit infinitely funnier‚?¶ This is bad, boring and the only funny or interesting scenes are the one that have the jokes to Bond, Flemming or Connery, or when the Bond cast parades itself. They had the resources to do an amazing spoof‚?¶ but to waste Neil Connery on a plastic surgeon that can do hypnotism that becomes a spy‚?¶ my God! An interesting feature on this one is that the score is Ennio Morricone‚??s. The great maestro shows here how his take on Bond would sound like (despite using some strangely familiar passages‚?¶), also composing an interesting and full of rhythm Bond-like opening song. Recommend this one ONLY for the die hard fans of the Bond series (to see what the Bond actors have done) or the ones hooked on eurotrash 60s spy movies‚?¶ or if you are curious to see Sean Connery‚??s brother. By the way, Sean Connery celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. Congratulations!
½ January 3, 2010
A plethora of James Bond rip-offs were released in the 1960s, but none of them were quite as shameless as this one, which not only starred Sean Connery's brother, Neil, as a Bond wannabe, but also featured an original Bond girl (Daniela Bianchi), an original Bond villain (Adolfo Celi), an original Bond henchman (Anthony Dawson), AND the original "M" and Miss Moneypenny (Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell), who essentially play the same characters, but with different names! This is a truly bizarre curiosity that can only really be seen these days if you watch the "Mystery Science Theater" version on Youtube; it's really hard if they were intending this as a straight spy film or a parody, but it's a big mess either way. Highlights include an hilariously campy title song from Ennio Morricone of all people, a climactic archery fight, and the hero using his gift of hypnotism to thwart the bad guys (which means he probably shouldn't even need to bother doing all that other dangerous secret agent stuff, but never mind)! As for Neil Connery (whose character's name is actually Neil Connery!), his ultimate career was best summed in the MST3K version: "Neil Connery will return in... nothing else ever again!".
½ December 5, 2009
Bad. Bad movie. Stay on the rug. Don't you dare. This must have another alternate title I saw it as: Operation Double 007. ( Would that make it Operation 014?) Awful. It was weird seeing most of the 007 regulars the actors Lois Maxwell ( ms. moneypenny) &the guy who played M and the lead villain from thunderball in this. I guess the Italian producers ponyed up some big bucks for them to keep playing in the spy genre. This is an obvious rip off capitalizing on 1960's Bond mania. Watch the Mst3k version it'll keep you from going mad!
½ April 27, 2009
the description of the film here on facebook/flixter says that the movie is a novelty because sean connery's brother is the lead character in the film. it's a pretty decent novelty, too. don't get me wrong, this movie is terrible...but you'll be provided with a decent amount of fun as you make fun of the film while watching it (and/or repeat everything neil connery says in a scottish accent for amusement purposes). you'll still be bored every now and then as you watch, but to see ol' neily-boy on camera is a gift that makes up for it.
April 7, 2009
Astonishingly bad, even for a Bond ripoff.
December 17, 2008
As nonsensical as this film is, I did enjoy seeing all the actors from the canonical Bond films playing similar roles. Though, it's a shame that Neil Connery's character was dubbed so badly - a Scottish accent would've greatly improved the film.
½ November 6, 2008
Umm...I remain vexed at this one. All I can say is that Alberto De Martino has got to be one of the best directors of our time and a great way of making potential leading heroes into complete dorks. That's definitely a good thing though! I love that the character's name is actually Neil Connery, it's priceless. Really though, no idea what the point of the movie was.
½ October 28, 2008
What a cast! If you're a Bond fan this is a great film to watch, spotting the various Bond actors. Chock-a-block packed with extremely attractive girls and featuring some truly hilarious fights and scenes, it really has to be seen to be believed! Features a superb soundtrack too.
½ May 2, 2008
For what it is I actually enjoyed this film. As Flixster says the novelty of Connery's brother Neil being the lead is the main appeal and the film plays to this as he plays the brother of UK's top secret agent who is "unavailable". I'm sure this film is subject to a lot of criticism but it has everything a bond movie has with the added bonus that there are a lot of the actors from the original bond films.
The skills of Neil (the character) are over-the-top but enjoyable all the same and apart from the shoddy fight scenes the film lives up to the spy genre.
The director even went as far to offer Neil Connery as Sean's replacement when he left the Bond series (for the first time)
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