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September 7, 2003
Call it Animal House, call it Revenge of the Nerds, call it PCU -- you've seen this movie many times before.
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February 17, 2003
between the scenes of binge drinking, naked women, blow-up dolls and streaking, "Old School's" sophomoric characters suddenly grow up, and one cannot help but be distracted by their real life alter-egos.
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February 24, 2003
...if you're the kind of person who's disinclined to see movies like this, well, you needn't make an exception for this one, though it is at least better than the typical sub-Animal House fraternity sex comedy
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February 21, 2003
This is not a funny movie, although it has a few good scenes and some nice work by Ferrell as an apparently compulsive nudist.
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February 22, 2003
If college life is this dull, why would these guys want to go back?
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October 7, 2003
It's insipid, and Will Ferrell streaks through it naked. No, it's not an SNL skit... it's the latest college frat film, and it's marginally ok at best.
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February 22, 2003
You could film the cast of this movie in a LIBRARY for 90 minutes and I guarantee it'd be funnier than what's on display here.
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February 21, 2003
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September 14, 2003
Not exactly a time-travel fantasy, but definitely inhabited by spaced-out, anachronistic characters, Old School is about a trio of 30-something buds who yearn to go back to the past in order to avoid the present.
December 1, 2003
Subplots fizzle out and plausibility dwindles (a thirtysomething college dean?), but at least there are no de rigueur fart, burp or scatological jokes.
February 22, 2003
Annoyingly familiar and empty in its hedonistic heavy-handedness, Old School is as shrewdly shocking and vibrant as spending time in detention with a throbbing headache.
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January 30, 2005
The recess bell should have rung immediately into the first period of this frothy yet flat and insufferable scholastic satire.
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July 6, 2010
Flawed, cliché, contrived, and poorly developed...
February 19, 2003
Old School revels in its raunchiness as it strives to be a 21st century Animal House. Unfortunately, the shadow of that timeless classic weighs heavily upon this uneven comic venture.
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March 7, 2003
The movie apparently was written under the influence of ephedra - it's thin and occasionally toxic, creating a sort of cinematic wasting, which amounts to nothing on-screen.
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February 18, 2003
Will Ferrell is as funny as ever here, but this 'don't-act-your-age' comedy would be almost a total disaster without him.
February 19, 2003
...goes so far beyond hackneyed, laughless, tiresome incompetence that it may be one of the most unwatchable movies I've seen in 11 years as a film critic.
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February 19, 2003
Luke Wilson is a charmer, as always, but his doormat of a dork [can't] carry even this slight tale.
February 20, 2003
Old School is testament that even the greatest improvisers in the world should be avoiding directors such as Todd Phillips like the clap.
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January 24, 2005
Enroll at your own risk.
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