On Guard Reviews

April 11, 2003
January 24, 2003
Sometimes, nothing satisfies like old-fashioned swashbuckling. And in this regard, On Guard delivers.
January 3, 2003
Despite its postdated irrelevance and its dopey title, this Daniel Auteuil vehicle is ludicrous fun.
January 3, 2003
An awkward and indigestible movie.
December 24, 2002
It's a tale well told and nearly irresistible.
December 20, 2002
A big, gorgeous, sprawling swashbuckler that delivers its diversions in grand, uncomplicated fashion.
November 27, 2002
The sword fighting is well done and Auteuil is a goofy pleasure.
November 27, 2002
This is, not to put too fine a point on it, a swashbuckler, a costume drama. If you love that old story form, you will be in old-fogy heaven, as it is nearly a perfect example of a genre that died out years ago.
November 7, 2002
A splendid entertainment, young in spirit but accomplished in all aspects with the fullness of spirit and sense of ease that comes only with experience.
November 6, 2002
The film's frenetic action takes place across beautifully rendered landscapes, and the ever-lunging ambitiousness and ingenuity in its wordplay justifies the fencing term employed for the film's release in America.
October 18, 2002
This far-fetched adventure tale might be old-fashioned, but it's also one of the best swashbucklers in movie history.
October 18, 2002
Boasting the best sword-fighting sequences to hit the screen in many years, it is so enjoyably old-fashioned it even looks as if it were made in the '70s.
October 17, 2002
It has a dashing and resourceful hero; a lisping, reptilian villain; big fights; big hair; lavish period scenery; and a story just complicated enough to let you bask in your own cleverness as you figure it out.
October 15, 2002
The cast has a high time, but de Broca has little enthusiasm for such antique pulp.