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January 25, 2017
an amazing movie ..love haji mastan
April 25, 2016
This movie is an amazing entertaining movie, the story is great and all the performances by the actors were great as well.
June 6, 2015
I went to Netflix all "Hey, Netflix, what should I watch from Bollywood?" and it was like "Historical fiction gangster time?" and I was like "Yaaaassssss." Seriously. I enjoyed this. What a great movie. Right up my alley. Musical gangsters.
June 1, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the quietly menacing gangst-ah Ajay Devgan.
Not so sure about his character's Robin Hood ethos of robbing the rich to feed the poor, which is inevitably brought down by the younger, more impatient, rob-like-you-don't-give-a-damn attitude. The same tired conventionality in expressing the generational changing of the guard.
August 10, 2013
good movie worth watching
March 23, 2013
Super exciting movie... but felt like the ending was missing something...
½ March 23, 2013
loved Ajay Devgun and Kangna in this ... fab
½ November 17, 2012
Loosely based on Mumbai's ex-smugglers and underworld dons but well crafted product gift wrapped to the audience at its ending.
September 27, 2012
Awesome Dialogue and acting by Ajay Devgan.. Totally loved this movie.
June 12, 2012
Inspired by real 1970s Mumbai gangsters, this tale of a child coal slave turned kingpin has retro-cool. Despite being a Crime Drama there are still at least three songs. Sad ending, but interesting look into the past. Angles and lighting are terrific.
February 25, 2012
Watched a *good* Hindi movie after a long time. Ajay Devgan SHOULD stay away from the crappy Golmaal type movies IMO. Regret not watching this one on big screen and watching Kites instead :D

Ajay Devgan is quite flawless in his role as Sultan Mirza. With mediocre performances from the other actors, this movie doesn't bore you in anyway. The movie is full of real good dialogues - poetry of kind. And Prachi Desai looks adorable, I must say :)
January 15, 2012
Liked it....... specially the 1st quarter between Ajay n Kangna... ;)
December 10, 2011
A unique bollywood film. Feturing powerful performances and even more powerful themes. But a dissappointing ending.
½ November 27, 2011
Watched it a long time back.. enjoyed it alot and great acting by devgan
November 5, 2011
Yet another Ganga movie that Ajay Devgan played it in style
October 22, 2011
One of the few half decent indian movies to be seen in recent times..once upon a time has an ok story stunning 70s inspired visuals and costumes and the ajay devgan and emran hashmi do justice to their characters, lets not forget the beautiful song "tum jo aye" by rahat in this flick.
½ August 14, 2011
well, not that good..! ;/
July 30, 2011
Spinning 2 generations, this crime saga is amazing!!!
June 26, 2011
rather slick, long-winded, contrived tale of the mumbai underworld and how it all started in the 70s. rather fun to watch on the whole.
the actress who played rehana looked masala hot in her 70s inspired outfits, the chickadee who played mumtaz didn't look half bad too.
June 7, 2011
Again a devgan movie .. Suits his choice of movies .. One time watch
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