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Best remembered for containing the film debut of phenomenally popular comedian of the early '90s, Jim Carrey, Once Bitten is a horror comedy that chronicles the attempts of a bloodthirsty female vampire living in modern day Los Angeles to find the three male virgins she needs every year to stay alive and young-looking. If she cannot do it by Halloween, she will surely die.


Lauren Hutton
as Countess
Jim Carrey
as Mark Kendall
Karen Kopins
as Robin Pierce
Cleavon Little
as Sebastian
Jeb Stuart Adams
as WWI Ace Vampire
Joseph Brutsman
as Confederate Vampire
Stuart Charno
as Cabin Boy Vampire
Robin Klein
as Flowerchild Vampire
Glen Mauro
as Twin Vampire
Gary Mauro
as Twin Vampire
Carey More
as Moll Flanders Vampire
Peter Elbling
as Bookseller
Peter Elbing
as Bookseller
Richard Schaal
as Mr.Kendall
Peggy Pope
as Mrs. Kendall
Alan McRae
as Man in Drag
Rukth Silveira
as Instructor
Ruth Silveira
as Instructor
Ron Vernan
as Man at Table
Terry Wills
as Principal
Dee Dee Rescher
as Laundromat Lady
Opelene Bartley
as Lunch Counter Lady
Dominick Brascia
as Young Man Buying Ice Cream
Nancy Hunter
as Woman Shopper in Unisex Store
Philip Linton
as Boy in Shower
Don Richey
as Bouncer
Rainbow Shalom
as High School Band
Kimberlye Gold
as High School Band
Nancy Scher
as High School Band
Kelly Salloum
as High School Band
María Vidal
as High School Band
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Audience Reviews for Once Bitten

  • Feb 27, 2014
    Throughout the 80's there have been numerous vampire films that have made their mark on the genre. Once Bitten is a vampire film that seems to be forgotten among the more popular vamp flicks of the 80's. Jim Carrey's first film is a fun, entertaining comedy horror film that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans. The film isn't a standout affair compared to Fright Night or The Lost Boys, but it's still a good little film for what it is. The cast are good in their parts, and there's enough effective material to make this a must watch for vampire film fans. The film has plenty of potential of being a standout vamp flick, but it does come up short in a few parts. Nonetheless, this is a far better film than what everyone has claimed it to be. The film isn't perfect, but it definitely doesn't deserve all the flack it received upon initial release. For what it is, Once Bitten is a mindless, entertaining vampire comedy that is a surprisingly effective film despite its limitations. Jim Carrey here is enjoyable and it is among his best films. The blends of comedy and horror work well, and the film is enjoyable enough for you to forget its flaws. This is an overlooked gem that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans. The film is entertaining and lots of fun, and it's another good vamp flick from the 80's. If you love vampire films, Once Bitten is a different take on the genre, but one that satisfies if you're in the right mood.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 12, 2010
    Could've been one of the first really good horror comedies, unfortunately they discarded all the horror and most of the comedy. Fresh-faced Jim Carrey still gets a couple moments to shine like busting some moves during an energetic Halloween dance.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    A funny teen comedy about vampires, it's not great, in fact it's pretty cheesy, but I really enjoyed it, it's fun.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Oct 11, 2009
    Jim Carrey had a real charm and humor above and beyond some of his more recent endevours. He actually looks more than average, and has a more clean-cut young look that suits him well. Lauren Hutton and Cleavon Little were hilarious and suited their characters more than well, they screamed of exactness. Cleavon Little had the small yet unique humor that made him an important part of the movie, and Lauren had a sexieness that added to the thrill of the vampiric diferences. Karen Kopins was a normal actress but a great dancer. I loved the dance offs and coreography of the movie, and the way it was written. The music and direction added to the comic take on one of the scariest subjects in history-- Vampires. Brilliant a must watch comedy.
    Liz < Super Reviewer

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