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½ September 7, 2018
Couldn't make is past the first 30 minutes. Opening scene lifted from Career Opportunities then nonsensical narration - overlog AAA gag about porn addiction, then continuing on in AAA to sex addiction and shortly after that an overly long sequence of a naked Bruce WIllis skateboarding around town to evade the angry brothers of a girl he just banged. It seems like the only place to go from here is up, but I wasn't interested.
½ July 22, 2018
Very boorish movie. Plot subpar at best. Thomas Middleditch does this movie no favors and actually worsens it by being a part of it.
July 6, 2018
Enjoyable fun movie that didn't take itself too seriously. I enjoyed the crazy situations in the film
July 1, 2018
A nonsense movie yet enjoyable for the most part.
½ June 11, 2018
Un film patetico che non dice niente. E' terribile sotto ogni aspetto, dalla narrazione ad ogni singolo aspetto tecnico. L'umorismo imbarazzante non fa sorridere neanche per sbaglio ed il risultato generale è al di sotto di ogni minima aspettativa.
½ June 3, 2018
You know when someone just turns up on set and says "i'm only here to get paid", that's everyone involved in this film. So, so bad. So, so lazy. Avoid.
½ March 1, 2018
Bruce Willis on a skateboard...
½ February 27, 2018
If you've never seen Bruce Willis skateboarding nude, this is your big chance. A super silly and fun story that takes a lot of twists and turns to unfold.
½ February 8, 2018
terrible and useless. not funny. i didn't want to finish it. did so on fast speed. why is he making these movies (1 viewing)
January 2, 2018
Easy watching and I felt it was funnier than i was expecting. I was surprised to see the low reviews. I really enjoyed it!
½ December 30, 2017
Bruce WIllis tem uma empresa de investigação, porém no filme ele é só mais um maluco que sai fazendo um monte de merda e acaba tendo que recuperar seu cachorro que foi roubado e vendido a um traficante... o mesmo precisa fazer um serviço pro traficante para ter seu cachorro de volta... muito engraçado, porém sem noção....
December 27, 2017
Nice cast including the dog, but, ???
December 25, 2017
It's very dissapointing to see great actors doing garbage movies like this. Thats the reason why this movie is straight to DVD. Bruce Willis please stop doing nada movies you are verter than that ....
½ December 22, 2017
A huge disappointment. Bruce and John Goodman couldn't save this clunker.. Bad story, bad everything. A movie that made no sense. The gangbangers looked about as threatening as the tutti-fruity dancing gang members in West Side Story. LAME. Bruce must've needed an easy paycheck.
½ November 18, 2017
If anything once upon a time in Venice should be a reminder how far Bruce Willis is willing to go for a paycheck. Dressing up in drag? Riding naked on a skateboard, sticking a gun in your butt. It's all there. Beyond a few OK action scenes, the movie is a pretty big bore. The script and dialogue are absolutely awful. The pacing is all over the place. The movie is forgettable I saw it earlier today and I can't even remember what it was about. The dialed in performances don't help either. Even John Goodman is bland in this one.
November 5, 2017
Would have been nice to see Willis and Goodman in something even remotely watchable and not this bloated mess.
October 25, 2017
A movie you'll be happy to watch once, but never again.
½ October 22, 2017
Hahaha .. Hilarious !! I can't believe that Bruce Willis would take this XDD
October 19, 2017
One of the worst, most annoying films of the year and recent memory. With the exception of Jason Momoa, no one involved walks away from this debacle with their dignity in tact. Willis is officially worthless.
½ September 27, 2017
Bruce Willis in drag
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