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April 11, 2017
Could've cut 20 minutes easily. Get it? Cut? Nevermind.
February 11, 2016
Mostly timeless, although a few scenes do look too much like a sound stage by today's standards. It's a worthy story with a righteous message.
May 14, 2015
The One-Armed Swordsman would cement Chang Cheh as director and Jimmy Wang Yu as the famous one armed fighter. At a lengthy 2 hours, it takes a long time for bullied student Fang Gang to recover from getting his arm cut off by his master's bratty daughter. After learning a new kind of martial arts and falling for a country girl, Fang Gang discovers a sinister plot to kill his master and must return to the world of violence. The movie's direction is a bit unsure, with that hovering camera technique. Chang Cheh would still be getting his director bearings at this point, but the movie is decent. Its more influential and iconic than it is actually good. I would consider it an entertaining watch, but not a total classic of the genre.
May 8, 2015
You'll rewind the fight scenes to figure out "how did he do that?" But it's the character that will keep you riveted. Jimmy Wang Yu presents a nuanced performance as a young man who shoulders the burden of loss, the hopes of his mentor, and the jealousy of the ranking students. Torn between his peaceable wife and his conscience, he treads a fine line in order to repay the kindness of his mentor without losing the inner peace he's gained. By the end, he leaves everyone who's harmed him deeply in his debt. It satisfies to see him defy the kung-fu cliches.
April 17, 2014
Classic Shaw Brothers wuxia melodrama in Shawscope widescreen from 1967. Perhaps I'm being a tiny bit generous in my rating because this is no patch on King Hu's films from the same time period (A Touch of Zen, Come Drink with Me). However, I was still drawn in by Jimmy Wang Yu's portrayal of the young man adopted by the master of a famous sword-fighting school who accidentally has his arm sliced off by the master's daughter. Of course, he trains himself back up to fighting strength and bests the bad guys with just his left arm. The expected romance with the arm-slicing daughter does not come off, however. With the flavour and feel of those 1950s widescreen westerns and some beautiful color cinematography (especially that fake RED blood) and fantastic Shaw Brothers sets and costumes, this is a winner.
February 27, 2014
A good bloody getaway from the cliche of the Chinese kung-fu films. A great anti-hero, with only one-arm and fighting off with a broken sword, yet the story is a drag and the fighting sequences are too slow.
August 15, 2012
A beautifully shot kung fu epic
July 12, 2012
One-Armed Swordsman feels hugely dated in its acting, writing, and story with much of it bordering on silly and melodramatic. The fight scenes aren't bad, but they aren't particularly spectacular or impressive. Without any sort of style or flair, they feel boring and mediocre. At least Fang Gang is one badass character. Unfortunately the film is too muddled from all its dated qualities to enjoy. It feels like a chore to sit through.
June 28, 2012
Improved by a good sense of responsibility vs. revenge, even as it never goes anywhere you don't expect.
February 14, 2012
An excellent martial arts film from 1960's Hong Kong. Even though it doesn't have the most impressive fight scenes, it is one of the most beautifully shot kung fu films I've ever seen.
January 8, 2011
Bloody hell. The film where Chang Cheh finally dropped the other shoe, stepped definitively out of the closet. Unabashed film about castration anxieties and homoreotic imagery, all coupled with a perverse sense of loyalty that only grows more perverse as the movie progresses--sorry, it's a brilliantly shot and staged swordfight film that for its time set new levels of blood and gore (even today the hysteria with which the violence is presented, if not the actual gore, still has the power to startle). Its ostensible theme--that a fighter with one arm, half a sword, and half of a fighting manual, can make his way in the world--is presented with utter seriousness and complete conviction, and the overwhelming intensity can overcome you if you're not careful.
November 23, 2010
The start of a genre.
½ October 1, 2010
Chang Cheh's film is a fun, albeit cheesy Hong Kong Cinema smash hit. it essentially invented the "handicapped martial artist" subgenre, and one takes delight in the situation in which our hero loses his arm, and a fight scene in an inn. One of the better Hong Kong films I've seen.
½ August 5, 2010
Solid Shaw Brothers production is nothing spectacular, but is a classic and a well made kung-fu flick for it's time.
June 14, 2010
Muy representativa del cine de artes marciales, bellamente ejecutada y muy entretenida.
½ November 29, 2009
What am I going to do without my right arm?

Fang Kang is a prized student at the Chi School of the golden sword. He is known as a servant to most of the students, but to the master of the school, Fang is known as a possible successor to his position. Fang eventually gets sick of the ridicule from the students at the school and leaves one evening. When three of the upper class students discover he is leaving, they try to stop him. Initially, Fang easily dispatches them, but when he checks to see if they are okay, they throw a cheap-shot that cuts his arm off. Fang, after meeting a beautiful farm girl, learns to fight with one arm. When he hears that his former school is under attack by a rival school, Fang comes to their rescue.

?Reprisal only breeds reprisal.?

Cheh Chang, director of Brave Archer 1 through 4, The Flag of Iron, Killer Army, Ten Tigers of Kwantung, Kung Fu Daredevils, Crippled Avengers, and Five Deadly Venoms, delivers The One-Armed Swordsman. The storyline for this picture is fantastic for the martial arts genre. The action choreography is wonderful and the acting was better than anticipated.

?For a cripple, you have some nerve?starting quarrels you can?t finish.?

The One-Armed Swordsman is a film I have avoided for some time because I have never been a fan of Yu Wang; however, my in-laws are fans of Yu Wang films and had this picture in their DVD collection. I had lukewarm expectations going into this film and came out pleasantly surprised. The story was better than anticipated and the action sequences were awesome. If you are a fan of the martial arts genre, I strongly recommend seeing this film.

?I never really liked you.?

Grade: A-
½ April 1, 2006
Very cool movie - great action and Jimmy Wang Yu rocks.

Just a bit disappointed the the HORRENDOUS quality of the audio on the DVD.

Can't wait to watch the next one.
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