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½ September 11, 2015
Ehhh... As an avid Stephanie Plum reader, I'll stick with the books.
August 17, 2015
I enjoyed it, lighthearted and humorosL
July 20, 2015
I really enjoyed the movie, especially the book! It's a fun plot just wish they didn't change it a lot. Great cast too!
July 6, 2015
This movie was fantastic and adorable. I really like Katherine Heigl in this. I personally think it is her very best role thus far.
June 21, 2015
loved it and read 14 of the books. It was a good effort very harshly critiqued. thought plum and morelli were great
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½ June 13, 2015
An utterly pathetic attempt at making something remotely funny. One for the money is a disastrous fiasco about a broke woman's quest to find a missing person for $50,000, which is something no one cared and should be ignored forever.
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½ May 24, 2015
0 stars. I'm not even sure what I watched. Comedic bounty hunter stories always require too much suspension of disbelief for me. Apparently, the Stephanie Plum series is a fun collection of books, and the movie stays pretty faithful. Despite having not read the books, I have to wonder whether brunette Katherine Heigl was the best choice for the sassy Jersey girl. I love her in 27 Dresses, but the darker hair color seems to sap her natural exuberance. Her Jersey accent is also godawful. Not even sterling-coiffed Debbie Reynolds could save this movie from vapidity.
½ May 24, 2015
Not much better than the book.
April 2, 2015
If there is a movie version of a book we read in the book club, we watch it if we can. Since one of the girls owned it, we gave it a ago. I had my hopes up and they were kinda sorta slashed to the ground and then stepped on.

Pretty much the only funny parts were in the trailer. The only thing they were missing was the shower bit. THAT SCENE WAS HIIIIIIIIIIILARIOUS! HAHAHA I love Ranger. I was unsure of the actor they picked at first, but after a while I realized he was drool-worthy and perfect.

The woman cast as the granny was awesome too. hehehe.

The rest of the cast....meh. Especially the girl playing Stephanie Plum (I normally like her, but not in this). She could NOT maintain her New Jersey accent at all. It was super annoying. Either have an accent OR don't. Please don't annoy me with slipping back and sounds SO forced. Like, "oh yeah...I was suppose to have an accent" and then over do it. Bleh. It made my eye twitch....

I must pat the creators on the back, because they stuck well with the book. It followed pretty much to the T, a few edits to some scenes. A few added, a few taken away. Nothing major to complain about. It was annoying that they DID skip the backstory bit of Stephanie and the ass-I mean Joe. She mentioned they had a history, but if you hadn't read the book then you wouldn't know how deeeeeeeply and baaaaaadly Stephanie wanted to catch him. It seemed lacking and my pre-knowledge helped it along, which would not help others along.

They also "cleaned" up the scene with Rameriz and Stephanie. I can't explain more without explaining...but it took the fear factor away from him. He's suppose to be a baddie that is scaring the crap out of Stephanie. Honestly, he scared me...but in the movie I completely forgot about him until he made a phone call and then I forgot about him again. Sighs. That took a layer away from a simple story.

I will be honest...after the hour mark the gang and I lost interest and were talking a LOT. I missed the "climax" of the story, because I was talking DBZ with another member. I look back and go, "Hey guys...we missed the shooting." hahaha THAT IS SAD. It was a let down. The book was better in my opinion and that is saying a lot (I was meh about the book). There were a few hilarious scenes and Ranger was a hottie. That is about it. After an hour it was hard to focus not only for me, but for the whole gang. I tried, but my attention and mind kept drifting. xI I recommend this to fans of the Stephanie Plum series, but it was not really for me. Bummer. I wanted to like this. Out of five stars, I stamp this with....2 stars. Ranger and the granny each got a star. haha

Favorite Character(s): Granny, Ranger, the Dad (he made me laugh), and Lulu (the one nice prostitute. FUNNY AS HELL)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Joe (I did not like the character or the actor) & Ramerize (not not care)
Re-watch?: No
February 14, 2015
Terrible disappointment
½ February 7, 2015
Entertaining, a great cast of characters.
February 5, 2015
Sooooooo boring. I already had zero interest in Heigl as an actress, but this one really solidified it. Her AND the script are stiff as hell. The comedy is dull, the romance is odd and the supporting players are desperate. The best this movie gets is... ALMOST seeing a boob.
January 22, 2015
was surprised it didnt completely ruin the books... Interested to see if they make any more movies...
January 16, 2015
She's looking for a few not-so-good men.
Stéphanie Plum a grandement besoin d'argent. Et pour en avoir rapidement, elle choisit de travailler pour son cousin et d'amener à la police les personnes qui ne se sont pas présentées à la police malgré une injonction. Elle est très motivée, mais n'a absolument aucune expérience et aucune habilité pour lui permettre de mener ses missions à bien. Qu'à cela ne tienne, elle décide en plus de s'occuper du suspect le plus recherché de la ville : Joe Morelli. C'est un ancien flic de la brigade des murs qui est recherché pour meurtre. Son arrestation lui apportera une très grosse somme d'argent, mais aussi une satisfaction personnelle, Joe ayant largué Stéphanie après avoir couché avec elle quand ils étaient à l'école. Alors qu'elle mène l'enquête sur le meurtre dont Joe est accusé, Stéphanie voit les témoins à qui elle a parlé, mourir dans d'étranges circonstances. Dans quel pétrin s'est-elle mise ?
Cette comédie est une adaptation d'un livre de Janet Evanovich, qui a écrit toute une série d'ouvrages avec son héroïne Stéphanie Plum. Personnellement, je ne connais pas ces livres et ne peux donc comparer le résultat à l'écran. Par contre j'avoue que j'ai trouvé cette Stéphanie complètement écervelée et sa décision de devenir chasseur de prime totalement stupide. Elle n'a pas conscience du danger et n'est donc pas courageuse, par contre elle est persévérante. Ce côté fofolle plutôt à l'ouest est bien rendu par Katherine Heigl. Mais son enquête est prise trop au sérieux pour qu'on rentre dans le délire de l'innocente inexpérimentée qui a de la chance. C'est peu crédible, et on se demande comment elle a pu rester vivante au vu des affaires tordues dans lesquelles elle va mettre son nez. Rajoutons par-dessus cela le flirt hyper prévisible entre elle et Joe, ça donne un film tout juste passable, mais certes pas mémorable.
½ October 10, 2014
I was convinced Heigl could only play one role. This; this is at least something different; but it's by no means better.
October 8, 2014
I love this movie and I really like Kathrine Heigl as well.
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October 3, 2014
I wasn't expecting much from this film, and I was right. The film kind of reminded me of movies like "The Bounty Hunter," "Catch Me If You Can," "Domino," and "Midnight Run." Those films were better than this one. This one needed a rewrite. They have a good idea for a film, but didn't execute it correctly. The tone of the film is off.

Another big problem is that some cast members seem like they were miscast. Katherine Heigl is definitely miscast here. She has no on screen chemistry with Jason O'Mara. I think Reese Witherspoon would have done a better job in that role. I also think O'Mara was miscast. I think Bradley Cooper would have done a better job in that role. On a positive, there is some great supporting work here from Daniel Sunjata, John Leguizamo, Debbie Reynolds, and Fisher Stevens.
½ September 29, 2014
I feel bad for Katherine, she was way too awesome in "Knocked Up". Now she should have better roles.
September 21, 2014
i liked it. pretty close to the book.
½ September 8, 2014
Not as good as the books, & not particularly well cast, but what can live up to your imagination. Pretend its a stand alone movie & its very watchable!
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