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June 17, 2014
This Movie was really good!
June 15, 2014
Loved this movie. Not exactly like the book but damn good. I thought Heigl did a great job being Plum. Maybe you had to read the books and enjoy them to like the movie. It was funny. Anyway I loves it and hope they make some more of the books into movies.
½ June 14, 2014
The Worst Movie I Ever Seen.F
June 11, 2014
This was easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I can't believe I actually sat through the whole thing. Katherine Heigl's accent was completely phony and the storyline was all over the place.
June 9, 2014
I love this movie, I think it's very funny!
½ May 9, 2014
Katherine Heigl effectively saves this film.
½ May 8, 2014
A fun mix of crime, thriller and comedy based in the book with the same title by Janet Evanovich. It follows the endeavours of Stephanie Plum, an unemployed and recently divorced young lady forced to take a job as a bounty hunter at her cousin's Vinnie bail bond business. Her first assignment is to retrieve Joe Morelli to justice. He is a cop accused of murder that used to be Stephanie's old flame.
When Stephanie starts to investigate the whereabouts of Joe she starts to unravel a web of dirty business that will put her life in danger. After several killings, chases and even a bomb Stephanie starts to learn the ropes of this difficult trade.
Never read one of the Stephanie Plum books but I can see what makes them attractive: a pretty determined divorcee with a tough job but making no excuses for it follows to the end. Unfortunately those traits are what make it really hard to believe what is happening in the screen. No inexperienced woman could do that job successfully, even less an ex-Macy's lingerie manager with no gun. If you don't mind the unlikeness of the story you can probably appreciate the small array of funny and warm characters, Lulla, Ranger, cousin Vinnie, Grandma, Bernie Kuntz... the action scenes, the humour of the dialogues. In the low notes the mafia story is a little blurred, everything happens very quickly and it isn't properly explained. It is as much enjoyable as it is forgettable, probably I will end up reading the book it sounds as it could be good fun.
April 21, 2014
One of the few times where the movie was as good or better than the book!
April 15, 2014
I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.
½ March 26, 2014
While no work of art, it wasn't nearly as bad as most felt it was. It took a very low key approach and departed little from the book's story (though admittedly a bit more creative license wouldn't have hurt), with the biggest changes being toning down some of the more violent elements. While this likely made the film more tolerable for some audience members, it did soften its edge a bit and thus the mystery portion fell a little flat. It isn't rife with belly laughs either, but it has a certain lighthearted charm and likeability to it that makes it an easy watch. I enjoyed Katherine Heigl in the title role and appreciated her not going overboard with the Jersey accent, keeping it minimal and deliberately subtle. Her voice-over narration, though effective in spots, does have a tendency to state the obvious a little too often, and it's likely these moments that cement the film's bad reputation. It's also a shame that a few scenes with Debbie Reynolds were axed, as her screentime is minimal in the final cut. The rest of the supporting cast, though offbeat, is surprisingly effective, and it's fun not to see A-listers crammed in just for the sake of it. A pity no sequel will be produced, for with a stronger director the cast could easily improve over this good, yet imperfect, start.
½ March 16, 2014
Katherine Heigl needs to apologize for making this movie.
Super Reviewer
March 6, 2014
Only because @Julie wants to see it.
February 28, 2014
After having read the books, I was VERY disappointed. Looked like a low budget film.
February 26, 2014
It wasn't as unwatchable as expected.
January 25, 2014
After watching this for fourteen minutes, I thought to myself 'I may as well shove a pogo stick up my vagina because that provides a lot more entertainment and tension.'
January 25, 2014
I really wanted to like this movie, as a fan of heigl and a previous fan of the book in my teens. I didn't hate it,but it wasn't particularly thrilling. it didn't really feel like any of the actors were trying to make it believable. The character of Joe Morelli was especially bad casting. It felt like they settled for the first guy with a six pack and a good squinty /cynical cop impression . Overall it was too slow paced!
January 23, 2014
Awesome movie!! I can't wait to see if they do another Stephanie Plum. If you read the book series then you're gonna love the movie!!!!
½ January 22, 2014
book way too good for this movie..
January 12, 2014
They just did not follow the book, which is bad enough, but what makes it worse is that most of the character choices are nothing like what you imagine from the books. Very disappointing.
½ January 10, 2014
I just watched this movie and enjoyed it. I didn't read the reviews first as I sometimes do before watching a movie for the first time, but I'm glad that I didn't as I might've been detoured from watching it. After watching it however, I came to the computer to see if there were talks of a sequel and saw numerous search results for bad ratings for the original. I'm greatly disappointed in today's critics and review-writing public. I enjoyed the movie and would love to see a sequel.
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