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      One Little Pill Reviews

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      Aug 1, 2019

      Arguably propaganda but compelling nonetheless. I totally recommend watching it.

      Aug 24, 2015

      A must see movie/documentary for everyone! Let's save lives!

      Aug 23, 2015

      One Little Pill offers insight into an alternative form of treatment for alcoholism. As a child and sibling of alcoholics, this film gives me hope that there may be another way to treat this crippling disease that so many are affected by. This is a must see for anyone who has experienced the devastating effects of alcoholism.

      Aug 18, 2015

      excellent expose of an important subject. Claudia Christian guides us through her journey as we learn about the science and humanity of The Sinclair Method. Sharp direction by Adam Schomer.

      Aug 16, 2015

      One Little Pill is a must-watch for anyone searching for an alternative treatment for an alcohol dependency issue. It looks at the current options available in the U. S. and sheds light on a very compelling replacement option that has been highly successful around the world. The documentary is impactful, absorbing, moving and offers hope to individuals, families and friends touched by this disease.

      Aug 16, 2015

      Incredibly eye opening and shockingly informative! A must watch.

      Aug 14, 2015

      Excellent documentary with a completely new (to me) approach to treating alcoholism. Unlike the current "accepted" methods of treating this disease, the Sinclair method is based on hard science, not willpower and support groups. I recommend this for anybody who knows or has ever known someone with a drinking problem. This should include pretty much anyone born on planet earth.

      Aug 14, 2015

      Okay, so here's the deal. I've got a little recovery, clean time, sobriety...however you choose to say it - I haven't used drugs or had alcohol in 18 years, 8 months and an odd number of days. I walked into a 12-step meeting after 'hitting my bottom' (which almost killed me) - I'm grateful. To my friends in the groups, my sponsor - you know who you are and I love you. 12 steps have worked for me - it's my answer. But you all also know that there are many people out there it HAS NOT worked for. They still can't stop, especially with alcohol readily available at every convenience store and dive bar 20 hours a day. It kills lots of them - lots. I'm not smarter or better or stronger than any of just doesn't work for everyone....not even close. You all know how it tears people apart - marriages, families, careers, lives - not everyone survives. There is more collateral damage done by alcohol than all the drug cartels and dope dealers combined. So, there's this huge 100 BILLION dollar-a-year racket built up around the revolving door of court referrals, rehab facilities, insurance and a guaranteed recidivism rate of 90%. That's right, the success rate of 12-Step programs, even after multiple attempts is only 10%. I'm lucky. It took. I'm grateful. But for for every person like me, there are 9 people it hasn't worked for, and dozens (or hundreds) who have never seen a meeting. So, do we just repeat the ritual, "Keep Coming Back"? What if there was something that worked sixty or seventy percent of the time? Would you encourage a friend or loved to try it...if it might save their life? This medical solution saved Claudia's life after rehabs and 12 steps and all the stuff that helped me almost killed her. Pass this on...we all know somebody. This has the potential to save thousands of lives every year, and isn't that the point of medicine? Thanks Claudia, Jen and all the rest who continue to devote themselves to any way possible. This well-made documentary presents a compelling argument that will change your thinking about the abstinence- only sacred cow of recovery.

      Aug 14, 2015

      This documentary will give you cause to question why such a scientifically backed medical treatment is not routinely prescribed for Alcohol Use Disorder. If you or someone you love are being failed by the treatment industry, this documentary may save your life! One Little Pill is absolutely a must see for anyone with an interest in AUD. Documentary making at it's best!

      Aug 14, 2015

      A powerful and moving documentary by actress, Claudia Christian, about a non-abstinence-based method of treating Alcohol Use Disorder that has a 78% success rate. Must-see for anyone who has tried other methods to no avail, or their friends and family members.

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