One Lucky Elephant Reviews

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August 18, 2011
Simple enough to delight a child and complex enough to baffle a philosopher.
June 23, 2011
How affected are these animals by the physical pain of being trained or by childhood trauma? Can they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? What can trigger that if they can? All these questions are raised and, quite appropriately, left open.
June 22, 2011
What begins as a simple man-and-his-pachyderm love story ends up encompassing unexpected levels of trauma and sacrifice.
June 12, 2011
Both illuminates the bond that can form between humans and animals and also reminds us that we can never quite leap over the gulf of comprehension that lies between us and other species.
June 9, 2011
While its story is inherently bittersweet, the movie has many charming moments. After all, it's about one smart elephant.
June 9, 2011
One Lucky Elephant is a poignant documentary whose simple premise masks a substantial emotional wallop...
April 21, 2012
An extraordinary movie about inter-species relationships, and the beauty, enrichment and, ultimately, constraints of those bonds.
June 21, 2011
A heartwarming and thought-provoking documentary, spanning almost a full decade, that tacitly asks tough questions about whether wild animals can ever be expected to be truly content in captivity.
June 17, 2011
You might be left to wonder just how "lucky" Flora the African elephant is, while watching Lisa Leeman's documentary about the fate of said orphaned pachyderm.
June 13, 2011
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