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December 18, 2011
"One Magic Christmas" is the complete opposite of what it's ridiculous title calls it out to be. As a little girl and her family are unsure of whether or not to believe in santa, a man comes, full of magic to bring christmas spirit. Events happen throughout the film that are random, tragic, and very cold hearted, but honestly, once that point came in the film, I truly did not care what happened to the characters. This film starts off simple and sweet, but completely falls apart in a random mess of bad acting and stupid plot points. Never have I been turned off from a christmas movie this much. The only thing it has going for it is christmas spirit, otherwise, it is one of the worst holiday films I've ever seen. Many shots are used over and over again, and the kids seem to have the same emotions and dialogue in ever scene, always asking a question. This film becomes very annoying, and particularly dark. I do not like this movie at all. It is a family film that no family should waste their time watching!
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July 7, 2007
A depressing Christmas Tale about a family's loss during the season, and an Angel who can help them get through it. Not fun or magical!
½ March 17, 2008
Likely the first movie I ever saw in a theatre and one of my fondest memories and top five Christmas movies, until I watched it again this decade and decided I wasn't as in love with it as I thought. Still it is a lovely little story packaged in a box full of tragedy.
½ January 26, 2007
My boy friend and me found this film to be very schlocky. Moreover, the dialogue was foreseeable and lame - particularly Gideon, the angel. There are thus much the large ones - do not waste your time with this horrible film.
February 7, 2015
No stars. Who was this movie made for? It's creepy, upsetting, and it's ending is a total slap in the face to anyone who got through this muck without feeling like killing themselves. Watch this if you hate Christmas and Christmas films.
December 20, 2014
Wow, these critics are really getting the point of this movie. Yes, the things that happen throughout are devestating, and as I child I thought so too, but now I realize that these things happened to Ginny in order for her to realize how much she has been blessed with the things she already has. Geez guys, maybe look a little deeper next time.
November 14, 2013
Not as good as I hoped, but, it was an ok Christmas story about the importance of Christmas spirit
½ December 11, 2013
While its dips into fantasy and lanky dialogue may bog it down, 'One Magic Christmas' is a surprisingly moving film. Aided by a quality cast, special notes going to the always dependable Stanton and Steenburgen, a whimsical yet subdued score that makes clever use of 'O Christmas Tree', the film provides a much bleaker and more straight look at the holidays for those who are less well off in society than one would expect from Disney.
December 8, 2013
A "Christmas Carol" update for mid '80s middle America. It's nice (and rather surprising) to see the ordeals really mattering, and refreshing to see a live-action Disney Christmas movie dealing with real economical and familiar hardship ("It's a Wonderful Life" is obviously another source of inspiration and it does a lot of the same things very well). Things are handled with a lovely kind of restraint--even the trip to the North Pole, while magical, is all fairly ordinary: An old, bearded Italian saint and his wife in their cottage, elves working in the factory. Ultimately, however, the story brings up some thorny problem-of-evil stuff that it's rather short-sighted Santa theologizing is under-equipped to deal with, and, while "One Magic Christmas" really works quite well in each of its individual components (the family relationship is tenderly, convincingly, and pretty unsentimentally drawn, the small kindnesses for others are moving, the environment of the town and community are all nicely, quietly rendered), the machine as a whole has some engineering problems, though it certainly surpasses the expectations (and then some) of its unfortunate title.
May 9, 2013
One Magic Christmas seems to fall under the category of fantasy films that are suitable for the whole family, but especially relevant to adults. After 28 years from it's release the movie is out dated and astonishingly not Disney's typical sentimental garbage. The storyline is relatable but the slow tracking and jumping scenes throws my interest out the door.
½ December 11, 2012
Not terrible, but it hovers somewhere between being a Christmas movie for kids, and a depressing drama for adults.
December 20, 2012
I know, I know, it's seriously flawed. But there's something truly magical about this little production, shot in Nelson, BC and featuring some fine Canadian talent. Not the least of which is Haygood Hardy, who composed the first-class soundtrack.

Maybe it's the roughness around the edges that lends such realism, or the extra motivation of the film crew, but this little movie works. Its story is far too tough-love to get filmed today, and about Harry Dean Stanton's character, fuggedaboudit!

None of this matters when we're watching the thing. It's become a little ritual in this house. Even after viewing it as many times as we have (since it was available only on VCR), we still can't help being swept away.
December 13, 2012
This is, in my opinion, the worst holiday movie I have ever watched. It was so bad my family and I laughed throughout at how bad it was. My wife said that it was not too horrible until the bank robbery scene, then the directors/writers must have gone on a drug high. I liked the street scene at the outset, and it reminded me a little of A Christmas Story street scene. But I was so sick of that street by the end of the movie I could have screamed. I won't even mention the acting, because it was too bad to comment on.
½ December 3, 2012
I really enjoy this christmas film because it is very grounded in reallism however the magic of christmas is constant the entire time
October 14, 2006
May 22, 2011
One Magical Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 29, 2005
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