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April 16, 2015
Tumak is a caveman that is punished for his behavior and kicked out of his tribe. He wanders through the jungle where he sees and avoids multiple prehistoric creatures. Eventually, he comes across a peaceful tribe that takes him in and teaches him their ways. He falls for the beautiful Loana who eventually leads him back to his original tribe to teach them the error of their ways when a volcano explodes putting all their lives at risk.

Hal Roach Jr (Calaboose and Prairie Chickens) and Hal Roach (Captain Fury, Little Rascals Varieties, and The White Sheep) collaborate to deliver One Million B.C. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward but fun to watch unfold. The special effects are dated but entertaining in a fun/funny kind of way. The acting was fairly mediocre and the cast includes Victor Mature, Lon Chaney Jr, Carole Landis, and Conrad Nagel.

I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and was excited to see this Chaney old school classic. This was fairly average with some fun sequences and solid action scenes. This is not a must see film, but is worth a viewing if you're a fan of the classics like the Sinbad and Hercules films from this era.

Grade: C+
½ September 11, 2014
A good old fashioned adventure Sci Fi movie made in the days in which they have nothing but smoke & mirrors.

The story of a man telling in flashback the life & adventures of the caveman who lived & breathed with dinosaurs.

The acting is pretty ordinary but the practical special effects where excellent what they did on a limited budget is astounding.
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August 27, 2014
One of the great adventure films ever with a simple plot of "what it must've been like living way back when" and by now antiquated special effects. Still it's a rousing tale told with vigor, expected to garner the wow factor from the outset, which it does. Of course it would be easy to sit back, sneer and call out the obvious inaccuracies of the story - too many to number - or even the age of the piece, but my answer to that would be "wet blanket!" or "killjoy!"
What film is ever truly accurate? Huh?
This is nothing but a fun work. If you can remember the eleven year old inside you, before you got to be all sophisticated and everything (with your automatic ice cube dispensing refrigerators and your French bidets!), this is as good as King Kong.
Warning: Several animals were hurt in the making of this! We're talking about the 1930's here, before we were advanced enough to know better.
½ November 1, 2013
While it may not be as appealing to the eyes as the remake, it still tells a solid story. While most of the dinosaurs are lizards, and the ones that aren't are pretty terrible looking, it adds a sense of fun to the film. The characters are a bit silly, and there are some slow moments. In the end though, I was quite satisfied with it.
½ June 20, 2012
This early prehistoric box office hit is quite outdated today, but it's still an entertaining flick. Among the cast, Lon Chaney, Jr. steals the show as Akhoba, and Victor Mature is good as Tumak. Carole Landis shows a lot less skin as Loana than Raquel Welch later would. Made before animal rights had occurred to Hollywood, many of the dinosaurs are merely lizards, and they are often treated horribly.

This provided the storyline for the superior 1966 Hammer Films remake, "One Million Years B.C.". 2 Oscar nominations: Best Original Score and Special Effects.
October 17, 2011
January 8, 2011
The best lizards-disguised-as-dinosaurs film ever made.
½ February 25, 2010
Nominated for two Oscars -- writing and music. Good thing because there's little intelligible dialogue...grunts and ughs.Maybe Raquel Welch will be in the 1966 remake?
½ December 16, 2009
This is a good prehistoric adventure yarn that for the time period had pretty good effects. The acting was solid with Mature and Landis in the leads, and Lon Chaney Jr. giving a good performance as well, since there is basically no dialog they really had to go back to sort of silent film type acting. I believe the introduction of finding the cave markings was totally uneeded, they must have needed to flesh out the running time.

The effects was simplistic but it is 1940, I thought a lot of it was pretty seemless for the period. Some of course looked terrible but I dont see many films of today that dont have some really horrid looking effects as well. This is not a classic by any means but a solid typical film for its type, which is noteworhty because of Chaney Jr.
February 6, 2009
Boooooooooring but Carol Landis is pretty hot in barely any clothes
December 3, 2008
I usually like B movies like this, but One Million B.C. has no real story, no goal for the characters, no ongoing struggle. It's like a caveman slice of life with random and isolated sequences.
December 1, 2008
Great old Hal Roach tellingof the caveman vs. dinosaur story (redone in the 60's with Raquel Welch). See cavewomen with naturally blond curly hair fight giant lizards er, I mean, uh, dinosaurs.
½ September 17, 2008
though not as famous as its cult classic remake with Raquel Welch, the original "One Million B.C." is a pleasingly entertaining nostalgic movie. It is boneheaded and dumb, but it's guilty pleasure entertainment all the way through.
March 25, 2008
I loved this when I was 4. Made the mistake of watching it a year or two ago. Safe to say the magic is some what gone now.
July 27, 2007
Think of the way 2001 is paced... that will make this one make sense.
July 10, 2007
The most historically accurate caveman film of 1940. No one else got the triceratops wrestling right.
½ July 8, 2007
The special effects in this were pretty good considering it was 1940. I'm amazed at how the cave women kept their hair so nice.
February 21, 2007
great clasic movie..
February 14, 2007
a nice little pantomime...and really for 1940 the special effects are boss.
Carloe Landis, I'm sorry to say is hotter in this movie than Raquel Welch was in hers... while showing less skin!
now if I can just stop humming that song from the Geiko commercia.l
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