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April 4, 2015
The only thing special about this Universal musicomedy is the first screen appearance of Bud Abbott & Lou Costello (third-billed) who recreate their famous "Who's On First" routine.
February 13, 2013
First film ever staring one of the greatest comedy duos ever, and it ultimately failed to gain my approval. While Abbott and Costello's performances are exceptional as always, the remaining problem is that the film has less to do with them, and more to do with characters that don't even matter. The two almost have nothing to do with the film at all, as if all their meant for is to add laughs and nothing more than that. The true main characters don't have any real substance, nor do they make the film worth watching. It's no wonder they needed these two because they were the only good things about it.
December 10, 2006
I was surprised by this one... i thought it was overall hysterical with a few dull scenes here or there but overall a joy
½ October 25, 2005
A decent movie that I only watched for Abbott and Costello's characters, but the story ended up to be something I could bear watching and kinda enjoyed. Unfortunately it didn't give me much else, Abbott and Costello did a couple jokes I've heard before, including Who's on First within the movie, which I thought was pretty lame...
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