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A great look at what had happened after two years of being gone from the New World, a great side story before they meet up with Trafalgar D. Water Law, and take a look at what had happened to former Navy Admiral Aokiji

Wailun Lam
Wailun Lam

*SPOILERS* It had it's moments, but i found this movie "ok". They want you "understand" z and see where he is coming from, but doing it in slideshow, and not actually taking the time to fully develop a character was a mistake imo. They do more for characters in filler episodes than they did for Z in this movie. The Z's ambition episodes in the anime don't mean shit here, so there's that. While many people argue the plot holes in the movie and the Strawhats not caring about the world in the movie, i do feel it is a bit bullshit. While i agree that they are pirates, not heroes, and have no "duty" to save the new world, i believe it goes against everything the strawhats have done in story of one piece. In the Story One Piece, They saved a country, water 7, friends, fishman island, kids on punk hazard.. etc.. so when a bigger threat is right in front of them, which could destroy millions of lives and quite possibly ruin the ENTIRE world, they just ignore it? The last 20 minutes of this film seemed rushed. They get to the final island, and within a minute or so they are fighting their respective rivals of the movie. The fights aren't much fights (again, no real threats in the new world yet, so thats a bummer) and end too quickly, and once again, its a fight luffy should of never won. While Z is old and maybe sick, he still should of beat luffy. Once again, the world "logic" works one moment in the movie, and then later it doesn't. Luffy is always instantly weak when touching Sea-stone, so the final battle, why did it not bother him in the least bit? I enjoyed the setting of the final fist-fight. It set the mood of what should be a last stand, only nothing "happened' during it. Which is disappointing. Then, Z collapses from exhaustion, saying he can't go on anymore.. to only get up a minute later and fight off marines. Then we are to "feel" for Z towards the end, after almost killing half the world and probably killing thousands of innocents. Yep. But that's nitpicking. I loved the Animation, and the colors used during certain scenes of the movie. the 3D animation during the fight scenes were a nice touch, and hopefully they use it in the next movie, or possibly the anime. I also enjoyed how they showed haki in the movie. Good start. I "enjoyed" the movie, but it's not one of the better one piece movies. Still worth the watch.

Dustin Hughes
Dustin Hughes

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