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The Onion Field Quotes

  • Mrs. Powell: Besides it's all in the family.

  • Gregory Ulas Powell: I believe I can help you make some real money. Real money, Jimbo!

  • Karl Hattinger: [while in the onion field seeing his partner crying] That's the onions. It makes you eyes water.
    Greg Powell: Don't waste bullets!

  • Karl Hattinger: At least you're tall enough to carry it. Married life's making me feel like an avocado with feet.
    Jimmy Smith: Mr. Brooks... I believe... I think that is something that rich white guys dreamed up to keep guys like me down. I honestly don't believe there is such a thing... such a feeling. Guilty? That's just something the Man says in court when your luck runs out.
    LAPD Captain: Any man who gives up his gun to some punk is a coward. Any man who does can kiss his badge goodbye, if I can help it. You're policemen. Put your trust in God.
    District Attorney Phil Halpin: Let 'em walk. If only I could send some lawyers and judges to the gas chamber.

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