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August 1, 2013
The daughter of a crazy Spanish Jewish family comes home with her new fiancé, who claims to be a proud Palestinan. A mixture of slapstick comedy and family drama with heavy political and religious undertones; an ambitious project that ends up feeling inconsistent due to the poor script and the unappealing characters that leave the audience feeling cold.
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March 29, 2012
Definitely an entertaining comedy with solid writing and a great cast. But it's another movie that ends up peaking way too early. It's also another movie that thinks it's more clever than it actually is, and at the same time the characters end up reading like something out of a more adult sitcom. There's no real character progression, with the exception of the mother and the father's relationship and Rafi and Leni's eventual 'discussion' about Jewish and Palestinian issues at the end. And this scene is another thing I have an issue with. It's left until the very end of the movie, so the movie is pretty much a build-up to that moment but when they finally have it, the conversation ends up feeling so forced and contrived that it may have been better if they just left it off. It was a good idea, but it just didn't work in execution. And, again, I liked this movie. It was fun to watch, it had funny moments, though, again, I think the movie tries too hard to be funny. It has a great cast and good enough writing that the movie is still good in spite of all the problems I had with it.
August 22, 2011
pretty funny the culture clash provides the fuel 4 this one.
½ May 31, 2011
Amusing. I LOLed a few times.
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½ May 31, 2011
A good portion of this movie was just wacky fun! It is chock full of unusual situations, and funny characters. But then it tends to go overboard on the "crazy and funny" family situations...too the point of stupid, not funny. HOWEVER, the movie as a whole is definitely worth checking out. There are some hysterical situations that I will remember for some time.
½ May 22, 2011
Some scenes were funny. The story was weak, but ok. It reminds me those comedies with Ben Stiller.
December 2, 2010
This is a delightful comedy!
October 19, 2010
it is so hilarious and funny .
½ October 8, 2010
Absolutely hilarious!!
½ September 27, 2010
Some laugh out loud moments with a serious theme that is not taken so seriously.
July 5, 2010
I've watched this a few times & it's always funny. Pay attention in the beginning as the characters develop & it moves right along. Some great characers in a wacky family! Mom reminds me of a Spanish Andrea Martin.
½ May 17, 2010
All I will say this movie really made me laugh. It is a lighthearted romantic comedy, it isn't corny, it's just funny!!
Maybe I liked so much due to the fact that I can really relate to Rafi (I've been in his situation, LOL), but this is a movie that anyone can like and should watch for a good laugh!!
½ March 26, 2010
It made me giggle a lot. Pretty damn amusing.
February 8, 2010
They should've kept the title SERES QUERIDOS, which means "Loved Ones" instead of the dreadful Only Humans which does not say anything abouth this witty, funny and wonderfully told movie. If you speak Spanish, please ignore the English subtitles: the Spaniard accent and musicality makes this movie much, much better. KUDOS.
½ January 3, 2010
Hilarious movie -- jewish girl living in Spain introduces her palestinian boyfriend to her family.
½ December 28, 2009
Hilarious movie properly described on Netflix as a spanish "Meet the Parents".
November 29, 2009
A funny Spanish film. A nice change of pace
½ November 21, 2009
This reminded me of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," but with quite a comedic twist. It was a tiny bit heavy handed in it's handling of Israeli-Palestine issues, but I supposed it needed to be. It was actually quite funny, if you could get past the stereotyping.
October 17, 2009
One of my favorite genres of films is romantic comedy. However, I am usually skeptical about them because they are usually corny or unoriginal. This movie is neither and is one of the best I've ever seen. Although the Israeli and Palistinian cultures are a major theme, it integrates wit, humor, and reasoning so that it doesn't resonate too much politics to make you want to choose. What I liked most about this movie is that it was plain darn funny. I didn't stop laughing from beginning to end. If you want to see a witty and hilarous foreign romantic comedy, make it a point to view this one.
½ June 14, 2009
The proverbial comedy of errors... well done, but an edge is missing to make it truly brilliant; that is, an avoidance of really digging deep into the painful Palestinian-Israeli issue. Although definitely worth owning.
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