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August 23, 2017
Open Season is just about everything that's wrong with modern culture.
April 25, 2009
Animated children's movies should not glamorize criminal activity and war, but that's exactly what happens in "Open Season"...
July 28, 2007
Despite inconsistencies in audience and humor, there's enough to like about Open Season.
November 24, 2006
Decidedly average . . .
October 30, 2006
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October 17, 2006
In the end, the hunter becomes the hunted; but wouldn't the animal rights message mean more if you actually cared about the critters?
October 14, 2006
There's virtuosity here but no magic.
October 14, 2006
he animation is so-so, the debt to Madagascar and The Jungle Book blatant, and the jokes thin.
October 13, 2006
Screened at the IMAX, this is one 3-D movie that absolutely gains nothing from being in the format.
October 13, 2006
Fatally lacking laughs and a real sense of adventure, this is a sporadically funny and awkwardly animated curiosity.
October 13, 2006
A couple of years ago, this might have been something special, but with so many talking animal films out there, it just ain't.
October 12, 2006
At this point, the most we can hope for now is an animated film that doesn't concern breaking out of a zoo of some sort.
October 4, 2006
[I]t's hard to pinpoint who is responsible for this wretched train wreck of an animated feature. Whoever it was... they evidently worked backward... The result is too coarse for children under 10, insulting to anyone older than that and boring for all.
October 4, 2006
The film isn't painfully bad, and on occasion it's almost strange enough to pass muster on that score alone.
October 3, 2006
Slapstick humor, a rehashed plot and generic voice casting.
October 3, 2006
Is it just me, or are the CGI critters multiplying at an astounding rate?
October 2, 2006
It's just okay.
October 1, 2006
The artwork is good, but so what? A story is what sells the picture, and here it most certainly doesn't.
September 30, 2006
That Sony wants to break into feature animation may be an admirable goal, but unless future efforts are fresher than this, it begs the question, why bother?
September 29, 2006
In Open Season, the bad guys are such caricatures that there's just never any doubt as to the outcome.
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