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Open Season 2 Quotes

  • Mr. Weenie: [Getting taken away by Bob and Bobbie] No! No!
    Elliot: [Terrified, witnessing all this] Noooo!

  • Elliot: Giselle!

  • Boog: Hey, Roberto, my main man! I appreciate the help out there!

  • Giselle: Hey, guys. Room for one more?
    Boog: For sure.

  • Elliot: Isn't this great, Boog?
    Boog: What's great?
    Elliot: Well, not great that Weenie's been kidnapped, but great that we're livin' life on the edge! It's just like old times! Two guys, out on the road!

  • McSquizzy: Hey, does anyone know where we are? [No answer] Eh! Didn't think so!

  • Elliot: Have you seen my new horns? They're completely natural!

  • Fifi: Don't you understand?! We must remain vigilant! Even one wild animal among us can send us back to those dark days on anarchy!

  • Fifi: Oh, yes. The tent.

  • Boog: That's my main man!

  • Boog: [Disguised as a sheepdog] Elliot! Weenie! Thank goodness you safe! [Elliot and Mr. Weenie scream] Shh! What are you doin'?!
    Elliot: Who are you?!
    Boog: What do you mean?! I'm your best friend!
    Elliot: McSquizzy?!
    Boog: [Putting his hands on his hips] McSquizzy?! He doesn't even like you!
    Elliot: [Hands on hips] Look, I'm not talkin' to some random, overweight sheepdog about my personal relationships! [Crosses arms]
    Boog: It's me! Boog!
    Elliot: Boog's fat. [Whacks Boog's belly] No way.
    Boog: [Annoyed] Elliot!
    Elliot: Huh? Wow! It IS you! Did you lose weight?
    Boog: When did you start thinkin' McSquizzy was your BFF?!
    Elliot: Oh! Heh heh. Well, you were hibernating. And we were hangin'. Turns out we have a lot in common. [Puts his hands on his hips] We both like nuts.
    Boog: YOU are nuts!

  • Giselle: Uh-oh.

  • Boog: Sit. Now count to ten.

  • Mr. Weenie: Let's go find the fat bear!

  • Mr. Weenie: He's going to blow!

  • Elliot: Rabbit fight!

  • Boog: Giselle, we gotta stick together out here. We're partners, right?
    Elliot: [Long gasp] BOOG! You traitor! [Pointing to Giselle] And you, traitor ex!
    Giselle: [Looks offended]
    Elliot: Enjoy your new-found partnership!
    Boog: Oh, come on, Elliot...
    Elliot: I don't need any of you! I'll find Mr. Weenie on my own! So long!
    McSquizzy: Hey! You're goin' the wrong way, ya choob!
    Elliot: [Sarcastically] Oh, thank you very much! This is a shortcut-- [Falls down the edge and screams] I'm okay, guys. You don't care.
    McSquizzy: Not really! Was that too harsh?

  • Boog: Look, man. We need Giselle. She's a good tracker.
    McSquizzy: Yeah! And without her, we never would've found Weenie and that giant, tin-canned thing!
    Elliot: [Scoffs] Beginner's luck!
    Elliot: [scoffs] Beginner's luck!

  • Mr. Weenie: Stop this insanity! Where are the others?!

  • Elliot: Who are you?
    Boog: What do you mean? I'm your best friend!
    Elliot: McSquizzy?

  • Elliot: BING! Shhh.

  • Elliot: I can live without them!

  • Elliot: Aaahhh!

  • Elliot: I win!

  • Mr. Weenie: Where are the others?

  • Mr. Weenie: Where are the others?
    Elliot: Oh, they're rescuing Mr. Weenie and Buddy. [Notices Buddy] Hey, Buddy.

  • Mr. Weenie: I'm vild!

  • McSquizzy: Give it a rest, ya freak of nature!

  • Fifi: Speak of the devil. Disgusting.

  • McSquizzy: Oy!

  • Boog: Come on, now. Simmer down, y'all.

  • Giselle: Whoa!

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