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August 5, 2016
Con artist breaks into an empty home and is soon mistaken as the housesitter who happens to be a friend of the real homeowner. Carvey shines in his first starring comedy vehicle.
June 21, 2015
Great work of comedy Dana Carvey. I am proud of your acting and intelligent ideas. I recommend that you're the best comedy ever! Let the laughs thrust in the air.
June 10, 2015
Opportunity Knocks is a disappointing film. It is about a couple of two-bit con men on the lam from a loan shark. Dana Carvey and Robert Loggia give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Donald Petrie did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.
November 25, 2014
Dana Carvey is mildly amusing as a con man. I had hoped for better, but it's reasonably entertaining. (First and only viewing - 11/5/2014)
September 11, 2013
The movie is about a con man, who ends up hitting it big. But when things start to go a little too far, Dana Carvy's realized something that he never realized before... He's in love.
March 7, 2013
"Eddie Farrell" (Dana Carvey) is a small-time, but effective con artist. He and his friend and parner, "Lou" (Todd Graff) get in a little trouble with a loan shark (James Tolkan), and have to go on the lam.

Eventually, the two break into a nice house in a nice neighborhood where they start to live in. The next morning, the housesitter (voiced by Mark Ross) calls and leaves a message on the machine telling the home's owner that he will not be able to housesit.

Later on, "Farrell" is coming downstairs after taking a shower, wearing a towel, when "Mona" (Doris Belack), the mother of the man who owns the house, walks in and is startled by him. Her husband, "Milt" (Robert Laggia), who was waiting in the car, runs in.

The parents automatically assume that "Eddie" is "Jonathan", and he has to think on his feet and con them into believeing it. Things get complicated however when he meets their beautiful daughter, "Annie" (Julia Campbell), a successful doctor at the local clinic. She then becomes a central figure in his con, and tries to get her to fall in love with him.

However, he is becoming attracted to "Annie," and he becomes torn between cleaning this family out and going straight while trying to avoid "Lou" and his thugs.

Even though this is a pretty good movie, this is not a great comedy. I probably laughed four times during the entire movie. Many jokes, in my opinion, flopped most of the time. Carvey, who is usually really wacky, held back if you ask me. And, sadly, brought only one of his SNL characters to one of the few funny scenes.

There are good performances in this film. Carvey is good as "Eddie" and is pretty likable. James Tolken, who is probably best known as "Strikland" in the "Back to the Future" movies, is excellent as the lead bad guy. Campbell is good as "Annie" and works well with Carvey.

For Carvey's first starring role, this is not the one for him. The humor was rarely over-the-top, which he is best at -- especially if he has the right partner to work off of. Like I said earlier, he is good as "Eddie" but is held back by the script's humor.

The music reminded me of TV sitcoms which used popular tunes at the time, but used studio musicians and singers to perform the tracks. It was real obvious that Gloria Estafan was not singing a classic Miami Sound Machine tune in a party scene where "Eddie" used some silly comedy to make "Annie" laugh in an attempt to get her to fall for him.

If anything, the only reason to see this is the story and the performances from the main cast. But, if you are expecting an outright comedy, you will be quite disappointed. I can only recommend this as something to watch on a rainy day when you are flipping the channels and see it on HBO or another movie channel.
October 27, 2012
Relatively poor comedy sees Dana Carvey as a conman who is mistaken for a successful executive and Harvard graduate. Best parts here are Carvey impresonating people whose english is a second language. Robert Loggia sports an incredibly orange tan.
October 3, 2012
plenty of COns and Schemes, but not of the Cons are interesting,.
August 19, 2012
I'm a softy for 80's music and a light hearted movie.
June 27, 2012
6/27/2012: It was an ok movie. Not real funny.
½ April 1, 2012
That's not very nice. Lets do something nice for the guy.

One of Dana Carveys better roles. I know that's not saying much, but it's actually a good movie.

The Story: Jonathan Albertson is a nice young man, he's funny, he's charming, he's a Harvard graduate, he's courting the daughter of a wealthy business man, and he's just landed a great new job as a salesman...Oh, and he's a complete fraud. His real name is Eddie Farrell, he's got no job, no more than a high school education if that, his life, to say the least is not all that great, he's a con man and he's about to pull the biggest con of his life. What it really boils down to is a con man pretending to be someone he's not, climbing the corporate latter and dating the bosses daughter. It's surprisingly funny, and although it might not be the most stylin' film in the world, it manages to look decent. The music is standard early 90's late 80's fare, and the dialogue not anything Oscar caliber, but it's held together by a few interesting characters, and some clever ideas.

The Cast: Dana Carvey, Robert Loggia, Todd Graff, Julia Campbel...That's right, it's Dana Carvey, before his career went to Master of Disguise...Long before it went to Master of Disguise... He plays the lovable and charming Eddie Farrell (AKA Jonathan Albertson). His acting here is pretty good, and his character is one that you can't help but love. This is hands down my favorite Dana Carvey role, I know, a lot of people will argue and say "Waynes World was his best" but I'll stand out of the crowd and say that I prefer his real person look than his goofier characters. Todd Graff, is Lou, he's not exactly a charming character, in fact he seems a little slimy. His performance is decent, not anything amazing but fitting to the film. They say he showed up in Death to Smoochy, but I've seen Death to Smoochy many many times and have yet to recognize him, obviously it's a small role, but I'd like to think that I would notice him...Apparently I wouldn't. Robert Loggia is Milt Malkin, not exactly his greatest role, but he's enjoyable here as the restroom hand dryer tycoon. That's right, his business is those blow dryers that you find in restrooms. He doesn't add much comic relief as sometimes he's just seems to be...There. He doesn't always add much but still he's important to the story and no one else would have fit the bill. Julia Campbell is Annie, she's the daughter of Milt, a little uptight, until she meets Jonathan...I mean Eddie...Wait no, I meant Jonathan...Anyway, she learns that life isn't just work work work, and ends up falling in love with the man that she's never really met. Her character is a little shallow, not her characters personality, but her character in general. Her role isn't all that well developed, and you most likely won't feel a real solid connection with her. She's not great, but she's not bad.

One to Five Scale: 3

I really wanted to give it a 4, but that would be biased. I remember the first time that I saw this back in 1991 (or around that time)...One of my fondest childhood memories was laying on the couch watching this when I was home sick from school. It's been one of my favorites longer than most other films...In fact I'd say it's been on my favorites list longer than anything else period. But for the people without the fond attachment to this film it's only a 3. It's shallow characters, and slightly generic look, mixed with tired jokes and some flawed acting, make it less forgivable for anyone that isn't a Dana Carvey fan. Something tells me you won't find it at your local video store, and you're not likely to find it on TV anytime soon. But should you ever find it in the bargain bin or at a garage sale, pick it up.

August 6, 2011
"Dana Carvey, is not funny." Opportunity Knocks, normally is the kind of film, that generally amuses me but in this case, did not. I have alot of respect for Dana Carvey and his willingness to put himself out there. Sadly, his efforts are dry and fall flat.
½ May 28, 2011
This movie works on the philosophy that everyone is an idiot. Dana Carvey plays a con man, an a bad one, who is on the run from a mobster, so he hides out in a upscale home because he knows the resident is overseas and the housesitter couldn't make it. First off, the housesitter, if he was such a good friend, wouldn't have dropped the ball while his buddy was already overseas. Secondly, the resident wouldn't tell anyone on his answering machine that he is out of town. Third, the parents who mistake Carvey for their son's friend would have had better communication with their son and they would have discovered Carvey's a phone. Fourth, the father played by Robert Loggia wouldn't hire Carvey's character without checking a lot of references. Fifth, the sister wouldn't have first hated and then fallen in love with Carvey without first calling up her brother to ask to tell him. Remember, if he is overseas, he would still be in communication with his family, considering they are so close. Sixth, the scam to swindle money out of mobster James Tolkan wouldn't work because since he is in building, he would know who the building commissioner of Chicago is and wouldn't tear down an IRS building so quickly. Carvey has some time to pull off some zingers, but they are too few and fare between. His elder Bush impression seems less like a joke, but more as a requirement.
March 26, 2011
Watched this movie a bunch of times when I was younger, and it probably Dana Carvey's best movie. It is not amazing, but it is worth seeing at least once.
½ October 6, 2010
I'd forgotten how funny Dana Carvey is, this movie has some great comic routines and some of his famous voice's, the ending is quite weak but still entertaining.
April 21, 2010
Probably nostalgia talking but I remember liking this when I saw it in the theater. Dana Carvey is his usual self, running through all if his impressions. As the charming down on his luck con man who hits the big payday, he kind of gets tripped up by the unexpected.
January 21, 2010
Carvey was one of the best SNL had to offer but it simply didn't translate into a film career. Just not enough good material to work with, Carvey even has to resort to old SNL standbys like George Bush. A missed opportunity.
½ December 20, 2009
A relatively unknown, but classic Dana Carvey comedy that's worth watching if you're bored over the weekend and have a good VHS player.
½ August 27, 2009
Fairly boring and not that funny. Dana Carvey went on to bigger and better things, esp Wayne's World, but here the material he had to work with was distinctly lacking.
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