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½ August 11, 2010
Not finish because error mix-up dots as bad movie. (About 3 Chapter to up.)
½ August 4, 2010
Not bad for a low budget film. I really liked it. Milo was pretty badass.
July 19, 2010
that's all it took for me to want to see it..
''In a world of no absolutes, right and wrong is just a matter of perspective. ''
June 12, 2010
The only thing about this movie that was worth something, is its tagline, nothing else.
May 27, 2010
Somedody suddenly appears and steals yr job, yr wife, yr life. Heard that before? Maybe, but this is a unique chance to watch this under a great direction.
Its movies like this that knowing the end does not harm yr imagination.
½ May 24, 2010
Lo mejor de esta película es el soundtrack (interpretado por Which). Me gustaron los recursos visuales, esa suerte de imágenes subliminales, y las actuaciones no estuvieron tan mal. La historia fue la que no me entusiasmó mucho, pero está bien para pasar el rato con algo de intriga y suspenso.
May 18, 2010
pretty badass little film actually. american psychoesque white collar spin on a social class just itching to be the greatest of perfection. nice to see a smaller budget film cast a shadow bigger than it's production.
½ April 28, 2010
so slooooooooooooooooow and soooooooooo boringgg
½ April 18, 2010
From the reviews I have read most people complain about the soundtrack. I actually liked it.
The acting and dialog was lacking though; I was left wanting more out of them and they just didn't deliver. The chemistry was all wrong, and the filming took away from what could have been salvaged of the plot.
It's rated as a thriller, but there was nothing really thrilling about it.
the thing that caught my attention the most was nothing to do with the story; things scribbled on the walls such as '911 was an inside job'; when Rick said: 'It's the end of the world- do what you want!'; and the way certain things were filmed. that is what kept my attention, and I thought that maybe there's something deeper than the actual movie here; an underlying message. I think I was mistaken. So ... I didn't really learn anything new, and didn't come away with anything mind-boggling :D

[i've looked everywhere for the soundtrack but I can't find it (which is saying a lot!) ... so if someone comes across this and knows where to find a link to it; i'd be grateful.]
April 18, 2010
Worst movie I have seen in a long time
Terrible acting, editing, writing, and let's not forget the jarring soundtrack.
Avoid this pretentious piece of crap at all coat!
½ April 13, 2010
that was a weird movie.. plot was ok.. but the editing and sound track was anoying and pointless sometimes..
April 12, 2010
A very boring piece of junk SKIP IT!!!
½ April 12, 2010
*** (out of four)

A smart dramatic thriller that allows it's characters to come to life nicely while remaining believable to its set up. Not everything works perfectly, but I really liked the way this picture took its time and refused to fall into many of the typical suspense traps.

John, played by Rhys Coiro, is a successful lawyer at a respected Los Angeles law firm. He needs more backbone, but overall he is good at his job. Then one day Rich, a young hotshot lawyer is hired at the firm. He also has moved into the same apartment building as John. They become uneasy friends as Rich begins leading John down a dangerous path that jeopardizes his job and his relationship with his girlfriend.

Rhys Coiro and Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Rich, are really what sets this thriller apart. Their performances are excellent. Vincent Vieluf, who starred in films like "Rat Race" and "An American Werewolf in London" makes an impressive writing and directorial debut.
April 11, 2010
Wow, amazing movie, I loved casting, editing, camera movements everything. They really take you inside the characters head. amazing
April 6, 2010
Great idea and acting, OK execution.
½ April 1, 2010
Really evil on some level -- as evil might apply to white collars, suits, and bad women. But there are no consequences. Instead, the movie makes a statement about competition. And that statement is that competition is good even when it leads people to become bad people. A decent premise IF there is redemption (none here). Simply put, I found the editing to be less art and more confusion than I like. And so, the movie left me on edge... but for the wrong reasons.
½ March 28, 2010
A slightly strange, bizarre movie. It felt like the camera work and plot were slightly off their medication as well.

The beginning of the movie made somewhat more sense than the rest of it, but it was a bit jerky. Sure, that was the style that was maintained thorough the entire film, and while it was kind of fascinating, it also made the movie confusing - which wasn't good at all.

I watched this movie to see Milo Ventimiglia, I admit, and in that respect I don't regret watching the film at all. Milo as Rick was strong, arrogant, smart(ass), and fantastic to look at.

Rhys Coiro as John, on the other hand, was shaky, and totally off his rocker most of the time. His character was supposed to be messed up, I get that, but in the end it just didn't work out that well.

Not the worst movie I've seen, and there were some good moments in the fast-paced plot, but all in all it was a bit too jerky and insane for my tastes.

I liked the music of the movie, though. Might buy the soundtrack.
March 28, 2010
Might appear meaningless on the outset, but is actually a though-provoking piece of moviemaking...
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