Ordinary Decent Criminal Reviews

August 12, 2005
November 12, 2003
Em vez de perder tempo com este filme, assista ao timo O General, inspirado no mesmo personagem, e veja o contraste entre o irlands real (Gleeson) e o falso (Spacey).
February 24, 2003
(It) highlights not so much the crime lord's messianic bent, but Spacey's.
February 20, 2003
The best thing that can be said of the picture is that it does have a few cute moments.
January 22, 2003
I can only imagine one thing worse than Kevin Spacey trying on an Irish accent, and that's sultry Linda Fiorentino doing the same thing.
February 8, 2001
Technically and artistically inept.
February 8, 2001