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½ December 2, 2011
this film really puts your life into perspective.
November 7, 2011
If not the most disturbing movie I have ever seen certainly one of the most difficult to watch. Non-Taliban members of Afghanistan "society" - especially female - live indescribably horrid lives. This movie should have won the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.
October 17, 2011
Shot almost like a documentary, Osama makes no effeort to hide the shocking and brutal reality that exists under the rule of the taliban.
July 31, 2011
This movie was completely beyond......
July 24, 2011
tragic and shocking insight into the afghanistan that was under taliban rule. this felt more like a documentary than a movie actually.
the boy who played espandi had great charisma, 'osama' grated on the nerves a lil with her whimpering.
one grim watch.
½ July 15, 2011
This was a depressing movie. What a horrible life of fear these poor people have to live.
½ June 28, 2011
So significant. A beautiful film about antifeminism in the middle east. The cinematography is striking and filled with symbolic motifs and parallels with the characters and the culture they find themselves inhabiting. The realism is what makes the story even more intense - knowing it is further from fiction and shockingly close to what has actually happened.
½ June 7, 2011
Very good, makes me appreciate the fact that I'm an Ausy
May 21, 2011
Very concerning and brutal portrayal of the taliban and the opression of women.
½ May 12, 2011
pretty amazing film, but doesn't really stand out as a classic
April 26, 2011
Deeply disturbing potrayal of the Taliban regime...has the impact of a documentary...powerful!! :|
April 24, 2011
This film is a must see. It really gives you a glimpse at how it is to live under the Taliban. Really eye opening!
½ March 24, 2011
Ok that was a disappointment.
March 1, 2011
Heartbreaking look at women living under the Taliban in Afghanistan. The main character dresses as a boy to make money for her impoverished family and struggles to hide her identity from the Taliban.
½ February 28, 2011
Really bold film, I highly recommend it. Probably one of the saddest films you'll ever see.
February 13, 2011
Siddiq Barmak's "Osama" is billed as the first entirely Afghan film shot in that country since the rise and fall of the Taliban. Inspired by a true story, it tells the story of a 12-year-old Afghan girl and her mother who lose their jobs after the Taliban closes the hospital where they work. To support the family and feeling desperate, the mother disguises her daughter as a boy to work at a local shop while hiding her true identity from the Taliban.

A Golden Globe Foreign Language Film winner, the human story that Barmak portrays onscreen is both harrowing and unforgettable. In today's world, it is hard to imagine a place where women are still being persecuted and where individual freedoms do not exist while the rest of the world sits back and does nothing. This is Barmak's call to the world about the human rights violations that existed in his country. Marina Golbahari performance as the young "Osama" gives immediacy to the subject matter and her cries for help remain loud and vexing long after one knows about her fate. Her only fault is to be born a girl into a world where there is nothing but cruelty around it.

Film art takes the creative process of committing the unimaginable on celluloid to entertain audiences worldwide. Barmak, on the other hand, uses that same medium to capture the unimaginable stories of his lifetime as a call for action, remembrance and a state of fact to these human rights issues.
February 7, 2011
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Don't be turned off by the title. I will remember it for the rest of my life.
½ February 2, 2011
Powerful stuff, deppressing as hell.
½ February 2, 2011
Obviously, this kind of story can be hard/emotional to watch. I honestly wish there were more movies like this in the world. Sometimes, we can be so used to the way we live and oblivious to how life is for others in the world. What a frightening world this truly can be. I and all in my life have been blessed in countless ways...
January 19, 2011
True story. Wow. Watch this movie.
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