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December 18, 2013
Amazing film with lessons for every age about choices, myths and discovering the real meaning of freedom! You'll want to see it over and over! The cinematography is breathtaking, and authentically captures an important time in history while entertaining.
½ March 13, 2013
This was a great movie! A true coming of age story unfolding in the waters of South Africa's surf scene during the Apartheid era. What I like about the film is that it shows that some kids did 'normal' things that all kids do in the background of a brutal system like apartheid - and how apartheid got in the way of their dreams, consuming everyone. Captivating film....
February 15, 2013
A-mazing! Incredible performances by amateur actors in a heartfelt and elegantly simple story that will give teens a window into what it was like to be a young person in South Africa during the Apartheid.
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