The Other End of the Line Reviews

November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
September 7, 2011
November 4, 2008
At its simplest level, this is a sweet, if forgettable trifle starring two healthy, bright-eyed young lovers who look great on each other's arm.
October 31, 2008
A winning Stateside debut for beautiful Indian actress Shriya Saran.
October 31, 2008
The Other End of the Line ends up being a five-minute ad for buyer's insurance instead of an interminable interracial, international, intercultural romantic comedy.
October 31, 2008
The movie is like a glass of Sprite that has been left on the counter too long: transparent, sweet and flat.
October 31, 2008
By the time the filmmakers have set up all the story lines that will blend for a very long third act, the predictability factor has become all but unbearable.
October 31, 2008
A feather-light romantic comedy that's laborious when it ought to be effervescent; The Other End of the Line is the latest exchange in an awkward conversation between two film industries.
October 30, 2008
It's not fair to ask that a romantic comedy be entirely realistic — but some level of plausibility would make the jokes go down easier, as would a touch of delicacy in the writing.
October 18, 2008
A charming old-fashioned romantic comedy transposed to today's global dating world.