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½ February 8, 2019
Sadly the derogatory prejudice and disgraceful discrimination comes from the so called 'pro' critics with negative reviews based on perception of presence of mentally challenged leads.
This is nor an attempt at comedy about mentally challenged people.
It is exactly the same as endless other tales of a Strong Independent male brings shy over protected girl out from the castle.

The actions of the characters are not funny, they are the actions of two 'individuals'; consistent with characteristic of their personalities.

Daniel a boy with a family that doesn't care about him; thrown out on his own.
An individual fights for his dignity creating a presence with friends activity and even [jobs].
Strong enough to not react too much to the teasing. He has a life sees making mistakes (wrong bus) and tackling challenges as part of growing.

Carla a girl that struggles for independence from a mother that cares too much. Leaving her feeling as someone with no dignity treated as incapable and useless.
Living in fear with perception of expectation to Perfection in life; afraid the affect of mistakes. Very fearful and reactive to actions of others.

Is simply a lovable story of no different that we all would experience life.
Boy (strong independent) Meets Girl (Shy Nervous Fearful)

Boy teaches her to make mistakes, freedom, knowledge and shares experiences.

"Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie"
"Which one is more human"
"There's a thought, now you decide"

Lastly if you don't know how to do something, where do you look?
Ask Friends, Family
Making mistakes
In a book - a Cook Book, For Dummies .. Book, National Geographic

Why do the pathetic reviewers lack simple empathy to understand
the two individuals are inexperienced, one fears Mistakes
they don't know how to do something that the logical place to check is in a 'BOOK'.

Why would anyone perceive that as funny? It is factual and sweet
August 25, 2017
Fantastic heart felt movie. A true depiction of the challenges of families who have a special needs child, who in turn desires to be treated as normal as possible.
A must see movie for all
February 24, 2017
Such an awesome movie....
January 7, 2016
This movie decides to just offend everybody. Even democrats.
½ November 4, 2015
It was cute. and i thought it was a bit over dramatic but an over all good slice of life. however it did run a bit too long
October 29, 2015
This movie is one of the worst movies ever. It's nice to see movies about disabled people but when Juliette Lewis does it, it almost comes across comical and fake. Boo, Boo on all levels.
August 14, 2015
Very touching presentation of challenged people being seen for their real value, sense of justice and ability to love. Too bad the homosexual angle is introduced to try to equate the two, something intelligent people will see through right away.
½ June 30, 2015
Underrated comedy/drama is great for teens. Ages 13+
June 23, 2015
The Other Sister is a disappointing film. It is about a mentally challenged girl who proves herself to be every bit as capable as her "perfect" sister. Juliette Lewis and Diane Keaton give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Garry Marshall did a terrible directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.
June 12, 2015
I love this Movie, is so Beautiful.
Real Love ?
May 26, 2015
It is very hard to decide if Giovanni Ribisi and Juliette Lewis are giving impressive performances or making fun of the mentally challenged. Either way, the whole movie feels like more of a parody than a well-intended family drama.
March 10, 2015
An utterly disrespectful, maudlin, self-congradulatory travesty. Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi try to pull a Forrest Gump, and end up with something along the lines of a famous quote from "Tropic Thunder". It's as if they both were going for their Oscar moment. It's pathetic to watch. It's all at the expense of the disabled, and not a damn inch of this movie gives them any sympathy.
January 23, 2015
I read a lot of reviews blasting this movie for using retardation as a gimmick, but I just don't think that it's a bad thing in this movie. It's uncomfortable for most people to watch awkward situations involving mentally disabled people. Not many movies do it and I think this was done quite tastefully. Also, Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi were super charming.
December 6, 2014
Lewis is SO bad in this.
November 29, 2014
My new favorite movie
August 17, 2014
(First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)
½ July 21, 2014
The title is misleading and the movie is just unmemorable overall.
July 13, 2014
Love it
Thinking movie
July 7, 2014
Pues es como la décima vez que la veo y no deja de sorprenderme... Garry Marshall si sabe como "utilizarme"
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