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May 16, 2015
based on a very popular radio show & after this pic spun off a TV version of this.
November 21, 2010
Terrific! Clever and smart dialogue, very good script! Eve Arden steals the show as Miss Brooks, an assertive, smart, and great high school teacher searching for Mr. Right..Along the way she opens the hearts and eyes of many people including a few suitors but her heart belongs to one, precisely the one that is too shy and fails to disclose to her his real feelings. I have never been a fan of black and white films but I found out about this gem from the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel. Based on the hit sitcom and radio series of the mid 50's. Its in black and white and it was a delight to watch.. Very interesting, enlightening and a classic! Now I understand why many people enjoy black and white movies- they were special...Highly recommended!
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