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½ December 30, 2009
....and more Laurel and Hardy
June 4, 2009
I´ve started to appreciate this short, more and more as the years go by. It´s simple, but still it´s so god damn funny!

Mr. Hardy is preparing to get married to Dulcy but very soon problems start to appear. Dulcy´s father have never met Dulcy´s fiancé but as soon as Dulcy shows mr. Hardy´s picture he gasps, start yelling and locks his daughter in her room and forbidds her ever to see her fiancé again.
Dulcy calls mr. Hardy ,devastated, and explains the situation. They decide to run away and get marry, with mr. Hardy´s not too clever friend mr. Laurel as runaway assistant and best man.

There are several hilarious moments in this short, for example mr. Laurel´s way to solve the situation when the wedding cake is invaded by a fly. Or when mr. Laurel arrives with the escape car...hehe. There are many more very very funny incidents in this high class shorty. James Finlayson´s (who plays Dulcy´s father in this one) face expressions and sounds are as usual priceless.

Never underestemate the duo Laurel and Hardy. Their acting and the slap stick are much better then the terribly overrated Charlie Chaplin in my opinion. This is slap stick at it´s best!

Rotten tomatoes has made a little error. Our wife, actually was filmed in 1931 not 1929!
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