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February 21, 2019
Engagingly played, swoonsomely shot, and a bit breathy... perfect stuff for a Sunday night.
August 12, 2018
The beauty that people talk about after they have eaten their popcorn and blown their noses is a postcard beauty, and the ache they feel has nothing to do with the script and very little to do with the performances.
April 26, 2018
The scale of its protagonist's obsessiveness is what gives Out of Africa its splendor.
March 1, 2018
Out of Africa is a melodrama, but in any case, it is an excellent one. [Full Review in Spanish]
January 9, 2018
Meryl Streep is back in top form. This means that her performance in Out of Africa is at the highest level of acting in film today. Since she is Streep, it means that a return to form is not a return: she has realized a character utterly different.
February 21, 2015
The relationship between Karen Blixen and her British lover, Denys Finch Hatton, may fail to catch fire. But the production itself is so exquisitely served that you can't help but be grateful for this extraordinary visual treat.
January 6, 2014
Luedtke and Pollack bought these high-priced literary sources only to chuck them for a conventional, largely fictionalized movie romance.
January 6, 2014
What the movie loses in emotional realism, it gains in sheer epic audacity.
January 6, 2014
The relationship of Karen and Denys is a prickly and, despite the era in which it is set, curiously modern one. It's also at the heart of this understated movie.
January 6, 2014
Streep may convince us utterly that she is in love with Africa, but our views of it are a little too stately to really feel the place.
January 6, 2014
Out of Africa is a splendid example of that persistent genre, the coffeetable movie. It's big, beautiful, and imposing. But there isn't much to it, and pretty pictures -- replacing ideas, not supporting them -- are its only real attraction.
January 6, 2014
Out of Africa has the sheen of artsiness and the gloss of two big-name actors. Unfortunately, that`s not quite enough in the absence of a story with vigor and passion.
January 6, 2014
My basic problem with this otherwise sumptuous and well-acted film is that I never was able to accept Redford in character.
February 15, 2013
Despite its technical assurance and some strong performances, this is a film that favours spectacular landscapes over emotional depth.
September 3, 2012
Not even the meticulous Meryl can breathe life into a movie that never really gets started, and takes almost an hour to end.
July 30, 2012
Fantastic acting or not... seven Oscars or not... I was bored. And I can't get past that.
February 20, 2009
Out of Africa is, at last, the free-spirited, fullhearted gesture that everyone has been waiting for the movies to make all decade long. It reclaims the emotional territory that is rightfully theirs.
May 28, 2008
Nominated for 11 Academy Awards, this earned seven, including Best Picture and Best Director ... but no Best Actress, alas.
March 25, 2008
Dull biopic of the strong-willed Danish writer Isak Dinesen.
February 20, 2008
It's got plenty of glorious vistas, and the screenplays dutifully takes Blixen's memoirs at their word, but this is more Thorn Birds than Lawrence Of Arabia.
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