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August 2, 2012
Fantastic film, any cricket lover should watch this immediately. A simple storyline following the Afghan cricket team trying to qualify for the World Cup, it probably centres a little too much on Taj but when he's such a affable and engaging screen presence you can kind of forgive them. Really heartfelt stuff.
November 6, 2011
saw it last night a really good doc!
Super Reviewer
½ April 16, 2011
after all the wartorn docs and soldior points of view docs and films coming out, it is refreshing to see a documentery of ordinary afghanistans trying to get their cricket team to the 2011 world cup, through qualifiers and friendlies. a honest aproach as we get to know the guys while playing there matches through highs and lows, seeing their world view from home in afghanistan and places like the u.k and south africa. another example of a sport trying to get its nation together
½ November 2, 2010
What Albone and Martens offer is an extended view from the boundary, getting themselves close enough to players and management to capture the genuine elation or disappointment whenever a wicket falls, and to chart the process of change and improvement essential to any up-and-coming sporting outfit. We see the development of new facilities at the heart of Kabul - a vast improvement on the crumbling national stadium, where infidels were once stoned to death - and more poignantly, the eventual replacement of Malik with the former Pakistani pro Kabir Khan, a development that marks a sad break from the past, while signalling the renewed ambition of the game's administrators in Afghanistan. If there's a minor weakness, it's that the match sequences eschew the statistical commentary that defines this particular game, but then the story's so much bigger than mere scorecards could convey - and the film, a richly human achievement, can't fail to put a smile on the faces of even non-aficionados.
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