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½ May 22, 2015
- I love this film-noir, and it looks great on blu-ray. Both Mitchum and Douglas are excellent in this and it's a MUST watch for classic cinema lovers!

- One of the all-time classic film noirs...any film buff absolutely needs to see this. Great performances from Mitchum and Douglas and directed with great atmosphere by Tourneur. Check it out!
May 10, 2015
So picturesque... an unforgettable noir classic and another monumental Mitchum performance as the mysterious Jeff.
½ May 3, 2015
I fell asleep in the middle because I was running off of 2 hours of sleep from the night before, so I'll reserve full judgment on this movie until I see the whole thing. But what I saw was pretty good.
½ May 1, 2015
Out of the Past is the story of a private eye who's being pursued by the mistakes of his past because of one job he failed to do right. It's probably the ultimate film noir, as it fits every stereotype of the genre. I love the 3 primary cast members of the film, and they are perfect for their roles. Robert Mitchum looks and acts just like a street smart gumshoe who can often be one step ahead of everyone else. He is the essence of cool. Kirk Douglas is the ideal gambler/mobster. He has a charm to his performance, but also gives off an air of strength that helps you see why Mitchum might not want to cross him. However the best casting was Jane Greer. She is absolutely gorgeous and it is simple to see why men fall in love with her and also believe whatever she says. It is one of the most intriguing femme fatale performances because as a viewer I bought everything she was saying as well, so I was in the same boat with the characters, never knowing when she could be trusted. As long as I'm talking about cast, though, I do have to complain about one decision they made. There was another woman who played an accountant or something and she looks way too much like Jane Greer to the point where I was genuinely confused if it was the same person they were calling by another name. For about 5 scenes in a row I didn't know which woman I was watching, and that should not happen in a movie that already has enough plot complexity.

Out of the Past looks great and, as with most noir, the cinematographer did a great job of utilizing darkness and shadows to add intrigue to various scenes. I also have never mentioned this because I'm not a fan of smoking, but the way that cigarette smoke adds a haziness to the atmosphere in these films is extremely appropriate. I did enjoy this story, but it is one where I really got annoyed with the end, so I'll have to warn that spoilers are coming now. One of the troubles with all the movies from this era (at least as I understand it) is that the Production Code that was in place dictated that bad guys couldn't get away with it. This is a particular problem for noir films as most of the characters ride the line between good and bad. However in Out of the Past I was excited because it seemed that Mitchum's character had kept his nose clean enough to survive, and yet they kill him off at the end. It's not a deal-breaker that makes me hate the film, but it is one thing that rubbed me the wrong way and kept this from being something special in my book. Still, Out of the Past is a great entry in the genre, and it is one I would gladly watch again.
½ April 19, 2015
A fun film noir with fluid and sometimes haunting cinematography. I don't think it's the best in the genre, though. Even with my complaints I highly recommend the film. If you don't like film noir you'll probably like this one, and really that's my problem with it. It feels too modern. It feels like the kind of noir that came out after film noir became self-aware and it became exploited because the formula was standardized. This feels less like a 1947 film and more like a movie made today trying to imitate a 1947 film noir. That doesn't make the film less enjoyable, but it does prevent it from achieving genuine greatness.

I found the tone and the characterizations were uneven for Jane Greer. If you're the type of person who likes any woman who's attractive than you'll love her, but I didn't like her. An unlikable woman in a film noir? Yeah, the genre that invented the femme fatale. That's not my problem. She's a great actress, but in a film with such an upbeat pace and style I'd like the movie to at least make her sympathetic, or endearing, or feisty, crazy, funny; anything besides just "two-timing dame." She seems like she should be in a grittier movie.

Robert Mitchum is great in this, but he's really not as smart as he thinks he is, or maybe he's aware of it. He talks fast and usually has a witty comeback for everything, but some of his witticisms aren't very clever at all. A lot of it doesn't even make sense, or he'll say something a child would say. Some of it is just cryptic. This isn't a complaint, though. I found it unusual, but I liked him. He's got a classy sense of humor and it's fun to hear him talk no matter what nonsense he says. Unfortunately, because of the huge difference between the two leads I didn't think they have very good chemistry. They seemed like they were both from different movies.

The story is great. Lots of twists and turns. It gets a little confusing toward the end, but even if you stop paying attention to certain plot points there's more than enough entertainment value to make up for it. This is one of the most funny and good looking film noirs out there. Not perfect, but pretty damn close.
February 23, 2015
A masterpiece, it's truly deserves all of its values, everything presents in this movie as it should be. Example of a perfect noir.
January 20, 2015
Film noir por excelencia, personajes oscuros llenos de culpa y una Jane Greer como prototipo de femme fatale. Magnìfica direcciòn de Jacques Tourneur.
January 14, 2015
One of the best Film Noir movies with a convoluted plot, style, and a great femme fatale.
½ January 9, 2015
Skoro pa pet. Jane Greer prava poslastica medju fatalkama :)
½ December 4, 2014
I liked the Against All Odds version better
November 24, 2014
A classic Film Noir definitly in the top 50
½ November 14, 2014
Great noir in every aspect.
½ November 12, 2014
can't believe I have never seen this classic film noir, especially since I recently learned the plot of "Against All Odds" is based on it. Enjoyed it. it's held up well, except for the slapping of women...really having trouble watching old movies that objectify women so much.
October 31, 2014
considered as one of the greatest of all film noirs... I liked it.
September 18, 2014
arguably the "Casablanca" of film noir, with Robert Mitchum in his first starring role. Not a wasted word in a brilliant script with a staggering amount of twists for just 96 minutes. The cinematography just adds to genre-defining performances a midst trench coats and cigarette smoke. Essential.
½ July 29, 2014
just one of the all time great classic noirs
July 13, 2014
Mitchum is the coolest cat in the world in this film. One of the best film noir things I've ever seen.
June 25, 2014
Best film noir I have seen so far
½ June 8, 2014
The ultimate film-noir of all time. Can you imagine even the toughest Robert Mitchum has to fall prey to the same femme fatale over and over again?
April 28, 2014
The noiriest of noir movies, probably the best gateway to film noir, if you don't like this you probably won't like film noir.
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