Outcast Reviews

November 16, 2011
January 18, 2011
Its ambitious if uneven hybrid of grim social realism and flat-out monster movie theatrics conjures up a commendably brooding atmosphere. It's just a shame the story feels so muddled.
January 9, 2011
An Irish / Scottish / Celtic-inspired horror mash-up that's equal parts intelligent, engaging, and unexpectedly creepy.
December 14, 2010
There's a real sense of something vaguely interesting being urinated up a wall.
December 13, 2010
It feels like the story ends just when it's really starting to cook, but this is an original, engrossing exploration of ancient black magic against a backdrop of endless grey.
December 9, 2010
Thoroughly grim but original and commendable indie-Scot-horror about deadlocked necromancers, played by Kate Dickie and James Nesbitt.
December 9, 2010
If Andrea Arnold met Eli Roth you might get something like this lyrically shot, energetically acted, medium grisly and totally bonkers Scottish social realism supernatural horror film.
December 9, 2010
The mix of arcane ritual magic, bleak social drama and Terminator tropes quickly begins to feel muddled.
December 8, 2010
Red Road's Dickie excels in this gritty slice of urban horror.
December 2, 2010
Writer/director Colm McCarthy's vision seems to have been lost in the midst of entrails, muddled mythology and incomplete plot points.
September 7, 2010
even if Outcast is ultimately a monster movie, it is also a very human story of dysfunction, betrayal and abandonment in which the sins of each generation are passed on to the next.