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June 10, 2017
This movie has some bad acting! Cartoonish effects! If you like bad horror movies, then you'll love this.
March 14, 2017
This could have been good, but was marred by bad acting and a bad resolution. The idea of the jinn was good, and the prop for the lamp was actually quite good.
½ January 5, 2015
A watchable (yet forgettable) horror film about the supernatural mayhem unleashed when some dumbass kids release a spirit from a brass lamp, as if they've never heard of the curse of the djinn.

½ October 19, 2014
This was a ridiculously fun 80s gore movie! The end shot makes no sense whatsoever!
April 26, 2014
The Outing (AKA The Lamp) is a 1987 horror movie about a group of teens who discover an old lamp that releases a genie and kills them off one by one. That's a premise that sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but unfortunately it never quite makes it up to that level. It spends a lot of its time just being boring, with a lot of useless dialogue and characters you just don't care about. It's not even really shot that well and just looks murky and uninteresting. It's been out of print on VHS for a lot of years, but is now back in print thanks to Shout! Factory's Scream Factory label. I'd say it's worth a look if you're a hardcore horror fan and you're looking for every little film that you can dig up, but I don't see many folks digging it all that much.
½ March 23, 2014
Corny effects, a cheesy setting, but it's just not as fun as it sounds. None of the characters are likable, and the plot is slow and dull. Some bits don't make much sense, and the film never seems to pick up a decent sub-plot.
Francisco G.
Super Reviewer
½ April 20, 2013
A cheesy poorly made b-horror flick, that features an interesting creature (even when it babbles uncomprehensible stuff), has some cool death scenes but it's just overly long and features an high school "drama" that is tacky beyond belief.
½ April 8, 2013
Great movie but is more of a spoof on horror films than one itself. It is freakishly funny and frightening at the same time. By the time viewers realizes that they've been had, it is too late. There are two movies that are confused as being one. The Lamp (the really scary one) and the Outing which is not the same film.
March 7, 2013
It's a shame when you come across a movie that does some of the small things right, but ultimately fails. The pacing was a bit off as it takes about an hour to set up the premise and then goes into about half an hour of action and kills. Before the characters actually even sneak into the museum we suffer through some of the most bizarre exposition as the main character Alex is terrorized by her sadistic ex-boyfriend who is a cross between Peter Stegman from Class of 1984 and Alex from A Clockwork Orange as far as how sadistic and psychotic he is.

The movie is pretty run-of-the-mill. It's what you would expect from an 80s horror movie. The characters are cardboard, their wardrobe is amazingly dated, and there seems to be absolutely nothing better to do than to sneak into a Houston museum that doesn't even look like it would be that much fun to sneak in to. I was wondering to myself what these characters would have done had there not been all the excitement of a genie trying to kill them. Sure, they could have had sex in the museum, but what was the point?

I also think I should point out the weird and dark turn the movie randomly takes for no necessary reason at the end of the movie. While Alex's ex-boyfriend has acted deranged so far in the movie by trying to run people off the road to beating up girls and pulling knives out in school fights, he and his henchman randomly decide to gang rape a friend of Alex's towards the end of the movie. Why was this even necessary? It's not that I am against violent acts depicted in movies, but this movie had so far been all camp up until this point. It just felt so out of place. We had already understood the guy was bad and deserved to get what was coming to him, so why even bother? What even happened to the black girl he raped anyway? Maybe I missed it with the extremely quick pace the movie took at the end of the movie, but the last I saw she was just screaming. Did she make it? What about the security guard? I know he shows up again after the credits, but does that mean that he survived or was it just an outtake?

Overall, I'm surprised this movie hasn't had an official DVD release. I'm sure fans of 80s horror would enjoy this if they track it down, but it's no classic. If you enjoyed movies like The Initiation then this is probably a gem worth hunting down.
½ July 16, 2011
I used to have this on VHS tape years ago but it was stolen (by my nephew I think) along with a few other tapes and I never got them back. I remember the cover art for it was holographic and that is why I wanted to keep it so naturally I was pretty pissed off when it was thieved. It still pisses me off when I think about it.
October 10, 2010
Not great but not bad either. It delivers on the gore and gasp...the genie is a practical effect!!!
March 21, 2010
I bet none of you guys heard of these film. A fun chesse fest with an oringal idea and one of the most memorable stupid lines of all time.recommed to horror fans and b-movie fans.
½ October 27, 2009
Before there was the Wishmaster franchise, another jinn was running around killing people in the Outing (aka The Lamp). When a group of hillbilly robbers break into an old gypsy woman's house, they unknowingly unleash the particularly nasty jinn when they kill the old lady and before you can even get through the first 5 minutes, there are gory deaths and titties flopping around. Soon, the old gypsy's lamp and other belongings are transported to the nearby Museum of Science in Houston where the genie gets loose again on the night the curator's daughter and several friends decide to spend the night there for all kinds of debauchery. Rounding out the group locked inside are two school bullies and two security guards (one of which does a rousing and entertaining rendition of Largo Al Factotum). Surprisingly, The Outing wound up being a dream come true for me as it lives up to its corny 80's horror look and feel, delivering plenty of dead bodies, nudity, and 80's aesthetics. As expected, the special effects were VERY 80's, just how I like 'em! The relatively unknown cast manages to bring plenty of charm (and bad acting) to this otherwise silly (but fun) horror film. We seriously need to petition for this movie to be released onto DVD. Now!
September 10, 2009
More cult horror stuff from the 80's this one is a killer genie kind of thing and it pretty much sucks. naff deaths bad effects crap acting the 80's is full of these films. somehow they get a cult following but infact there shite! avoid
February 4, 2009
Great idea - cheezy execution.
August 22, 2008
this was my favor movie as teenager :)..i couldnt find it....and now its here .D
June 1, 2008
The Outing was one of the first films I saw about evil Genie's.

Of course it didn't have the same pizazz as Wishmaster, or let alone the cast that film had.

But for what it did have to offer there was quite a lot of good to this obscure little film.

The effects were pretty top notch for its feeble story line.

The characters were interesting and quite believable.

Although it was weird to see the teacher in three separate roles, she was the old lady at the beginning and also the gypsy mother int he photograph that the museum guys looked at.

That didn't quite make sense to me.
The plot was a bit messed up, the kids were going to sleep in the museum (or sleep together) and the jealous boyfriend of the main female character was going to wreck all their fun.

The jealous boyfriend was a bit over the top, no more so than the jealous boyfriend form "Intruder" for example.
But still I felt for the acting and lack of back story for his character that it was a bit overdone.

The genie was interesting, and the death scenes were pretty weird but imaginative.

The snakes in the bathtub scene really freaked me out when i first saw it.

It has some great original qualities, and of course some ridiculous cheesiness that makes it awesome to watch just for a good time.
April 26, 2008
Cheesy, morsom 80-talls underholdning dette. Filmen byr ikke paa noen overraskelser, og gaar nesten paa autopilot til tider.
Det finnes dog bestandig noe godt i filmer slik som dette, og "The Lamp" er intet unntak.
Det eneste minuset er at mot midtpartiet blir filmen doergende kjedelig, hvorpaa absolutt ingenting skjer. Dette retter seg heldigvis opp mot slutten av filmen, men skuffelsen henger desverre igjen og reflekterer den noe middelse karakteren.
Absolutt ikke det beste som kom ut av 80-tallet, men ogsaa langt i fra det verste.
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