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January 22, 2013
Double post on Flixster!
December 27, 2010
Double post on Flixster!
½ November 1, 2010
An insruction manual of how not to come out to your conservitive Catholic family. But... (surprisesurprize) there is NO right way to come out to that. Only the only way. So get used to it. This to, like all bowel movements repressing shit too long denied into impacted grunts & furtive empty stares at nothing but the accumulating urge to let go, shall surely pass with its mighty wind of relief. Halae Lieu Yeaha! Oh Man!
½ May 25, 2010
Cute story about 4 brothers and a sister dealing with the death of a relative. Soon after they find out one of the brothers is gay. The 3 brothers try to deal with it in their own way while the sister tries to keep the family together.
November 7, 2009
6.5/10. Likable characters, good performances and a believable presentation help make this film work. The characters are so nicely developed, you really learn to care about them. Good screenplay. It has a few slow spots, but overall a fine film.
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