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April 13, 2019
It's Sean bean. It's Nick Love, it's Danny D. It's violent. You know what you are going to get and you get it.

Has anyone noticed the virtue signalling left wing critics on this site absolutely explode with liberal righteousness when anything might suggest taking on the weak, wet liberal world they do so well out of.
½ July 29, 2018
In order to fully appreciate a movie's main character there has to be at least some redeeming qualities even if they're bad but no one character has any at all. nick Love cocked up on this one.
½ March 9, 2018
Great premise to a good film! Never quite hits the high notes, but watchable none the less!
½ March 13, 2017
Absolute shit. Thin plot, One dimensional characters and a disappointing ending.
October 6, 2016
waste of my life watching this
August 16, 2016
The commentary is far more entertaining.
Super Reviewer
½ July 30, 2016
Good British crime film, Well acted, Good plot, Just the camera work was terrible it really ruined the film.
½ January 26, 2015
Outlaw is veneer of actors and ideas, that just didn't gel together.
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January 2, 2015
This movie was quite a decent one with some famous faces. Story is about taking the law in ur own hands when the law fail on u. Sean Bean plays the leader with military experience.. If u like british crime movies u might like this one aswell. I enjoyed it.
December 20, 2014
An excellent premise delivered badly. A great cast is assembled but they have fuck all to work with.
½ October 27, 2014
Bean's character is probably the most 2-dimensional, while everyone else shows the frustration and fantasy to take justice into one's own hand -- and the results of that. Rather grimy and realistic.
February 22, 2014
Within my childhood I had a memory which stuck with me. Another normal day in school was changed when we went outside to see people making a movie. This was that movie.

I had no clue who any of the actors were however it was an interesting day watching someone put someone else into a car and drive down the street about 30 times.

The movie is crap... However it would feel wrong to give it a bad rating.
October 23, 2013
a film that gets you thinking
½ January 18, 2013
As a fan of Dyer and the premise of this film, I can honestly say I feel both happy with and let down by this film.
The story itself, and the moral abiguity as to whether there are truly any good guys in this film, is why I was happy with this film, but the lack of any real "characters" is where it lets itself down.
The only member of the outlaws who seems to have any characterisiation is quite frankly the least likeable for it.
The rest of the characters, inc Bean and Dyer, are just plain as hell.

I'd day this film is worth seeing, but nowhere near the essential viewing it should have been, considering the talent on hand!
January 13, 2013
Dream scene at the start was pretty brutal especially if you put yourself in dyers place - security boy was a nutjob, liked the story but felt the film could have been better, still worth watching. Would have been good to have seen Sean Bean scatter the hoodies he squared up to early in the film.
November 20, 2012
The realism about Britain is brought here really slickly and style. Sean Bean is great as a soldier coming back from Iraq, only to find Britain is worse and that his girlfriend has moved on. Different scenario of other characters are told simply about their situation and eventually join together as a rookie vigilante group trying to get revenge on those that hurt them. It is brilliantly directed by Nick Love, who by now can definitely these types of films, that's of course if you like his brilliant two other films he's done. Danny Dyer is just Danny Dyer but I liked the fact that he was vulnerable in this and shows he can act and the rest of the cast of pretty good too, it has moments of sadness brought to you simply and you do sometimes have sympathy for the characters, it's not really overly violent but some scenes are quite strong and makes you think morally. The script probably could've been better, with some scenes very slow, losing the pace when it does rise but comes right down, pausing what should've made the film run smoothly and the ending, though somewhat satisfying, just ends suddenly. It's rough on the edge's but still a good, powerful film that is just showing what's going on in the real world but the worst thing about the film is the weird shaky camera that could've done without, it was like "fake shaking". Still a wonderful British film but the Football Factory is by far the best film that Nick Love has done.
September 8, 2012
WOW, this is boring. Very very boring. And I feel like starting a new charity to get Nick Love a tripod to keep his camera steady for at least 1 second. Sean Bean is cool though, but there's no reason to watch this instead of rewatching Game of Thrones season 1
August 31, 2012
brilliant and its all truthful things like that do actually happen
June 24, 2012
Vigilante justice at its best (despite Danny fuckin dyer!)
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