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½ January 24, 2017
Pretty pointless film. Most of it was so dark you can't see anything.
July 16, 2016
the setup for the suspense was great. the film lost steam towards the end.
½ July 9, 2016
Heads Off (Literally There Is Blood & Gore Going All Directions) In The Right Direction..But Quickly Descends Into A COD-esk Shoot-Em-Up. Really Loud Sound Effects & Mix Of Real-Life Propaganda Do Keep The Edge Up, But It's Like Someone Feeding You Till You're Bloated With That Ugh Feeling..Eventually, You Just Can't Take Anymore.
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January 2, 2015
A horror action movie but not much scary content and the first half of the movie are rather bad actually. Second half was a bit better but overall stay away because there are 1000x better movies out there.
½ December 7, 2014
Menacing atmosphere!
November 22, 2014
Before watching this movie. I already had watched "War of the dead" and I had liked the idea of that movie unaware the original idea of making a nazi zombie movie actually had come from this movie "outpost". I am not a movie buff however when I get time don't mind watching movies. So when I got to know that this is the movie which brought nazi zombie movies in action. I got curious and thought of watching it. It's a low budget, I'd say extremely low budget movie but still it lives up to it's idea of giving a new era of zombie movies with a twist that too with a logic of why and who did this sorta thing. Acting is fine, Movie is atmospheric and sometimes it gives you the chills also but it isn't that scary. It's good for one time watch and even in a budget I'd say movie producers and directors have done their job nicely. It's a watchable movie with a new theory of zombie horror
November 11, 2014
awful film!!! too slow, not enough jump scares to be a horror, not enough set pieces to be an action, no discernable iconic villian to be a slasher, no character development! was just a total bore!! give this a miss!
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August 9, 2014
Outpost manages to standout as a terrifying, engaging and riveting horror film because the use of a simple idea, small cast and good gore effects are key to creating riveting and truly worthwhile entertainment for the ever demanding horror fan. I'll go right out and say it, this film isn't great, but it's a fun, low budget film that definitely should be seen by genre enthusiasts. The cast is headed by Ray Stevenson, who I quite enjoy, as he is an interesting choice of action star, an actor who I find to be underrated, and much more deserving of praise, because he has skill to entice action fans, yet he has powerful, charismatic on-screen presence that is not excellent, but works quite well considering the big name "action" stars that try far too hard. Anyhow, he's good at what he does, and here he's perfect for the role he plays. Outpost is horror the way it should be, and it's a film that should find a bigger audience in the years to come, as it's really an interesting, thrilling, gory film that has many elements that will be cherished by genre fans. This film, add nothing new to the genre, doesn't reinvent the rules, break new ground or anything like that, but what it does however is create an atmosphere of dread, fear, and nail biting horror sci fi action that is simply hard to ignore. This is not perfect, but it's a film that is hard to ignore when the concept, execution and chaos is hard to ignore. This is simply a lot of fun, and is sure to be a cult hit with a large following of fans in many years to come.
August 9, 2014
The plot is ok enough, as confusing and strange as it is. It is kinda a zombie movie, but the nazi soldiers are invincible all together, and instead of eating their victims and acting all rotten they act more human, and run, have brains and stab people. So it was different than expected, in a better way problably. The whole electro-magnetic field thing that slowly grows and the undead stay withing wasn't the bet way the film could have been done, although without it there would be no point of going to the outpost to destroy the generator. It starts off ok, and gets more interesting and better as the film goes on, but near the ending is where it all goes down the drain. The shutting off of the generator takes away the undead invincibility, but they fight on until being shot. Then there is a random guy who has been trapped in a bunch of cables for about 50 years still there who is alive and shoots some sort of electricity out of his hand into the undead like a sith would in Star Wars. So that stupid ending compounded with a bunch of other stuff in the ending that shouldn't have been there more or less ruined the film for me. The begining was ok, the middle was the best part and then the ending threw it all away. The action is ok at best, with dull sounds and effects. In terms of scaryness, it wasnt very scary if ever actually other than the fact that they are walking around in a dark underground bunker with eiree lighting, there's creepy moans and laughing of the undead and we're always awaiting a jump scare (that only happens mabey twice). The scaryest part of the movie was at the begining where we see through a soldiers headcam as he navigates a dark house. So not a very good film in any means, and I don't think I'll be watching the sequel.
½ June 5, 2014
I've seen much better Nazi zombie films. Technically well shot, but the story was boring and the baddies weren't very scary.
March 22, 2014
Ending is good but all the whole movie is bullsh**
½ March 13, 2014
Outpost follows a group of mercenaries who stumble across a Nazi bunker in which experiments with Einstein's unified field theory led to some remarkably horrific results. While not an entirely original plot, Outpost still manages to be action-packed, creepy, and entertaining from beginning to end.
February 22, 2014
Una volta tanto un horror in cui gli scienziati nazisti non evocano demoni o creano zombi, ma invece fabbricano... fantasmi! Originale e d'atmosfera. Il filmino di propaganda bellica un piccolo capolavoro.
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November 25, 2013
Though not exactly a "Nazi Zombie" movie, it's still a "Nazi Undead" movie, so that counts for something. When a band of motley mercenaries go on a low-paid recon mission to war-raved Easter Europe supposedly to check out mineral supplies, they find themselves betrayed and left for dead being picked off one-by-one while fighting against an unknowable enemy.

The film's cast is absolutely fucking stellar. Mixing a couple of well knowns with relatively unheard names, the cast is small, but incredible. My favourite actor ever Ray Stevenson (Rome, King Arthur, Thor, Punisher: War Zone, The Book of Eli) plays Ex-British Royal Marine Warrant Officer and Mercenary Commander D.C. along side, U.S. Marine Prior (Richard Brake - Rob Zombie's Halloween II, Hannibal Rising, Doom, Batman Begins, Death Machine), Scottish French Foreign Legionnaire Jordan (Paul Blair - Book of Blood, Taggart, Cracked), Russian Alpha Group Soldier Taktarov (Brett Fancy - EastEnders, The Bill, Silent Witness, Hustle, Jonathan Creek, The Pale Horse), Belgian Peacekeeper Cotter (Enoch Frost - The Bill, Rome), Yugoslav Military Soldier Voyteche (Julian Rivett - The Bill, Rome, Spooks) and Ex-IRA Guerilla and British Paratrooper McKay (Michael Smiley - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Burke & Hare, WIre in the Blood, Hustle) are hired by Hunt (Julian Wadham - The English Patient, Exorcist: The Beginning, Taggart, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, The Madness of King George, The Trial of Lord Lucian).

Outpost is an interesting mix of Horror, Action, Sci-Fi and War films, with just a little bit of humour and actual science thrown in for good measure. I quite often like throwing Nazis in for good measure, and this is a perfect example of it. Plenty of people will say that the first hour of the film could've been dropped in favour of a couple of minutes of exposition-laiden dialogue and some more explosions, but fuck those people! Set-up is everything, and the more screen time we can have of Ray Stevenson doing his stuff the better. Admittedly for such a long first and second act we didn't really find out a whole lot, but at least in this example I found it actually just added to the realism.

In essence the film is creepy. It wasn't one of the five films ever made to have actually scared me, but there is an overtone of eeriness for the whole movie, and a couple of moments with suspense or shock to rival the best. It's not all heavy on the gore, it more focuses on making its very few deaths harrowing, a number of them even appearing off screen. Finding an excuse to put Die Glocke in a movie is also instant points as far as I'm concerned. Outpost also serves in part as social commentary, which I always enjoy. Without giving too much away, I also like films that are really fucking depressing, so to me, Outpost works wonders.


November 20, 2013
This is what you get when you have a dumb idea for a movie and then have some real talent behind it.
June 1, 2013
this is a great indie film i think it was made for less than 10,000 but they done great with the little money they had the acting was great the plot is quite simple but it is still great and i would recommend this to any horror fan and the second was is as good as the first horror fans you just HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE
½ April 29, 2013
quite creepy and just like any good horror movie it makes you think about how you would handle an extraordinary situation which in this case is Nazi zombies.
½ April 16, 2013
Essentially a B-movie, very much in the vein of Dog Soldiers (small group of soldiers/mercenaries, isolated setting, supernatural creatures) but nowhere near as good as that other movie.

Here, it's a group of mercenaries who have been hired to help scoop out an isolated bunker in a war-torn country, where they come across the remnants of Nazi experiments from the end of WW2. Unfortunately, the film seems to lack any real punch, with the action scenes, well, just not all the exciting really.

April 7, 2013
Should have been a lot better than it was. I like Stevenson, but this did not work.
½ March 22, 2013
Not sure what everyone sees in this movie. I found it to be not only very boring, but horribly written and so much of a ripoff of other movies (especially those that either contain zombies or Nazis). I suppose there was a lot of potential with it, but for me it just didn't work.
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