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September 3, 2014
This is a strange documentary, it's like cycling brought to you by Oliver Stone in his 'Natural Born Killers' phase. The screen is cluttered with jump cuts, text flashing across and constant shifts in tone as if Gislason suffers from ADHD. Perhaps that's a fitting approach for the EPO era especially a team that Tyler Hamilton has recently exposed as every bit as organised in their doping as US Postal. It's still interesting though, and Bjarne Riis in particular is a fascinating character. Watching with the benfit of hindsight the ghost of EPO does loom large and even more so the control that Armstrong had over the peloton is phenomenal.
March 10, 2009
This is a very well done film on a professional cycling team - Team CSC - just as it was maturing and before it catapulted into the limelight to become the best pro team in the world for three consecutive years. Led by a former Tour de France winner, Denmark's Bjarne Riis, we see the ascension of Ivan Basso as nemesis to Lance Armstrong; and a younger enfant terrible Carlos Sastre, who accepts his role as super domestique but rebels agains Riis' training methods.

With CSC leaving the sport of cycling as sponsor, Team CSC proper ended at the end of last year. With a new Danish sponsor, Saxo Bank, the team continues today as Team Saxo Bank. The team achieved last year what had been sought since its creation in 2003: winning Le Tour de France.
April 21, 2008
Awesome fly-on-the-wall documentary of a pro cycling team during the Tour. Nothing escapes the camera. A real eye opener. Well worth a watch.
March 21, 2008
I did not really like this movie.
½ January 15, 2008
Much in the same tone as hell on wheels, but the action and the pace does drag a litle as we caught up in the story of team CSC. Well worth the effort though.

Special features in the dvd were a little disappointing.
½ December 1, 2007
A good movie that let's us know how the life of a bicycle team really is, without the doping of course!

Don't really understand why Lance is in the cast list here?
November 5, 2007
And there they go! How daring! There they are, they're ... pedalling. How absolutely fascinating.

As you can tell, I'm not much into the extreme sport of cycling. Especially not when it's combined with drama. In fact, I can think of little worse than watching people pedal dramatically.
½ November 4, 2007
An interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the sport I love. Especially cool 'cause I was in France for this Tour.
October 2, 2007
bijarne riss is a legend
August 13, 2007
A good enough cycling flick, this lacks a decent narrative that could have made it a crossover film, rather than just for bike fans!
July 23, 2007
Awsome non Lance docu. CSC is a hard as nails team and the film maker does a great job showing the trials and tribulations of bike racing.
½ July 9, 2007
A really enjoyable doco on the Tour De France from a non-Lance Armstrong perspective. It was quite interesting to see what goes on in a Tour De France Team. Thrills and lots of spills, heartache and success - it has it all. The subtitles and on-screen titles battle for your attention, detracting from the tension, but overall, it's a pretty good film to watch. Lance still steals the show, though; he is only in it for a few minutes but his presence is always felt. Tres bien!
½ July 7, 2007
Gislason is one of the best documentary directors around
June 11, 2007
This is by far the most moving cycling documentary that I have seen. And the way it is shot only adds to the film.
½ June 11, 2007
Great film. Just ashame all the stars are druggies.
June 10, 2007
the ultimate view into what the sport of cycling is at heart, a struggle against yourself
October 27, 2006
great insight into the worlds toughest sporting event
October 4, 2006
Excellent documentary, even if you're not a fan of the sport of cycling (which most North Americans are not) Shows you that there's so much more to the sport then pedalling the bike
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