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November 1, 2016
In my quest to see all things Maura Tierney has done, I came across this extremely dated "psychological thriller" that plays more like a TV movie of the week than a theatrical release. Tierney is always good,but she had so little to work with here you really couldn't tell. Brody overplays his role, and the bits about her broken psyche being like his because she enjoys pushing the line between pleasure and pain is more Psych 101 than actual thought process. Ho hum.
½ April 7, 2014
Just horrible. corny writing and poor acting. Impossible plot holes and though I tried to get my wife to turn it off 3 times we stuck to the dreary end. Also one of the most boring car chases in screen history! Avoid at all costs
November 2, 2013
Oxygen (Richard Shepard, 1999)
[originally posted 13Jul2000]

You knew I couldn't get through a post this long without at least one thoroughly awful review. Welcome to it.

This has a fine premise to it, I must say. A sociopath (Adrien Brody) kidnaps the claustrophobic wife of a millionaire and buries her in a box with about a day's worth of oxygen. A husband-and-wife cop team (Terry Kinney, Maura Tierney) have about that much time to figure out where she's buried.

Brody was the only thing worth watching in Summer of Sam. Tierney does well in almost everything. Same with James Naughton, who plays the millionaire, and Paul Calderon as Tierney's on-again off-again partner.

But this is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Despite wonderful sociopathy by Brody-once again the only decent thing about the flick (that's starting to become a refrain with me)-a number of subplots are started and never finished, no suspense is ever built up, the relationship between Tierney and her onscreen husband is just silly, the cliched battles between the cops and the bottle are trotted out with absolutely nothing new. All in all it's a jumbled, silly, unwatchable mess that should have been left on the cutting room floor. If you've got two hours to kill, spend them with Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead instead. *
September 28, 2013
I love this movie, I wish someone would upload.. Ashley M..
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½ June 26, 2013
I'm often asked why I waste my time watching independant films. It's true, that many of them are a complete waste of time, but what I really enjoy about them is that it gives people the freedom to do what they want, without Hollywood turning it into something it's not, and occasionally, I find a movie like Oxygen. This film was just your ordinary story of the police fighting against the clock and an insane criminal, who gets off on fucking with them. It had a few twists here and there, but in general it was a very basic story, however what I did focus my attention on was the cast. Being that it's an independent film, two performers who I really enjoy watching, got to step away from their usual roles and try something different. Maura Tierney is usually cast as the emotionless girl with a troubled past, but in Oxygen, she's this crazy, self-loathing, tough as nails cop, who wears her emotions on her sleeve. She's opposed by Adrien Brody who usually plays the sweet, good-looking, exotic stranger, but not this time. In this film, Brody is a deranged psychopath who will do anything and everything to get what he wants. The dynamic and chemistry were both fantastic and I loved seeing two actors, that I know very well, step away from their usual roles and work on something different. If I hadn't seen both stars in a ton of things prior to this, I may not have been as entertained by this film, as the story is common, and very little is unpredictable, however the performances were tremendous and Tiereny and Brody compliment each other perfectly.
½ March 25, 2013
It might just be me... but I thought this movie was really great
½ February 23, 2013
A good psychological thriller. There wasn't a whole lot of mystery to it but there was a decent amount of suspense. There was a lot of emotion behind Maura Tierney's character Madeline Foster that I feel was not really needed. They needed to make her seem like she was so messed up inside but it did not need to be such a large point in the plot and then go no where in the end. This film ended rather abruptly and without much explanation other than they found the woman and killed the kidnapper. It was an ok movie and I enjoyed it, but to say I would crave watching it again may be an overstatement.
October 6, 2012
Not bad for a low-budget movie, but i have to admit without the actors performances this cheesy movie would flop.
½ May 5, 2012
Great premise, but the film lacks the substance to carry it through. Tierney is great as always.
March 14, 2012
Should be brilliant. Definitely wanna check out...
½ December 1, 2011
one of my favourite films, urgh adrien brody, i would bash your brains out in this film.
August 9, 2011
Nothing good except the suspense
June 27, 2011
"this movie sucks but Brody is excellent"
½ August 24, 2010
It's like watching paint dry. Only slightly better b/c you get to see Adrien Brody. But otheriwse really annoying. Plot=unbelievable. Tierney=annoying. Brody=Cute but annoying. Story=boring. You'll wish for sweet sweet death.
August 16, 2010
Solid B-level stuff, but still a somewhat interesting flick - due to its second-rate sampling of "Silence of the Lambs" and "The Vanishing" plotlines as well as 1970ish NYC copper chase-scenes and location-shoots.

Act I ends with kidnapper Brody in a police station sweatbox after his poorly conceived ransom pick-up and a wimpy car-chase down Park Avenue and the roadways orbiting Grand Central Station.

Then it's copper Tierney and Brody playing out their extended interrogation headgame. Tierney, the sexual masochist, and sadistic Brody find each other emotionally and intellectually bonding during her gaming for the location of Brody's buried-alive, time-running-out victim.

Technically speaking, Act III does deliver some plot twists, but lowered expectations regarding such are well advised.

Also, viewers shouldn't expect much in the way of true sexual content out of Tierney, this being made-for-late-night Cinemax stuff. Rather, it's implied through Tierney's cigarette burn-marks, whimpering semi-submissive phone calls and such.

Tierney here delivers a mildly titillating and otherwise uninteresting characterization; Brody's got his toes right up on the edge of the fine-line defining ham.

This could have actually been a more interesting, more enduring product - with stronger dialogue, acting and chase choreography.

RECOMMENDATION: Lifetime coughed this puppy up one summer Saturday afternoon, making it the best basic cable cinema available at the moment; recommended to others only under similar circumstance.
August 4, 2010
1 star, when considering plot, 3 strs when considering adrien brody alone, but finally 2 cause of it's setting, NYC in summer...yuck.
July 27, 2010
before Adrien got his Oscars
July 17, 2010
A thriller starring Adrienn Brody. The story is verry good, but it fails on screen. i liked it but it could have been much more. I liked Adrien Brody performance though.
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June 17, 2010
CAST: Maura Tierney, Adrien Brody, Terry Kinney, James Naughton, Laila Robins, Dylan Baker, Paul Calderon

DIRECTED BY: Richard Shepard

SUMMARY: This made-for-cable mystery thriller stars Adrian Brody as an escape artist-kidnapper whose method of torture involves burying his prey alive. When he strikes again, Maura Tierney is the policewoman who must track down Brody within 24 hours before he lets the air out of another one of his victims' hiding places.

MY THOUGHTS; "It is definitely like a nightmare come true, being buried alive... This movie was good.. It's got Adrien Brody, who in my opinion played bad very good.. Didn't really look like he could pull it off to me.. But he ended up proving me wrong.. I say his portrayal of his character is what kept this movie afloat.. There was a bit of over acting from Terry Kinney, or maybe I just didn't like his portrayal of the husband. Just didn't seem to fit. Maura Tierney was good as the dark cop. All in all it wasn't a bad watch to find flipping through the TV today. I am still a bit worried that I thought the part where they found the dog was funny? I don't know, I just found Adrien to be a funny psychopath. Anyways, this movie is worth the watch if you come across it."
April 25, 2010
A sleeper of a movie if ever there was one. Tierney has been one of my favorite actresses, so I'm glad I got to see some of her earlier work. Great mystery and thrill ride. Brody is quite creepy in this cop-drama. It's another rasnsom/race against time caper. See it!
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